How to make moving with kids easy

Moving is stressful enough for us, adults, but for the children, it is very much confusing time. They don’t necessarily understand why they are going somewherewhere they are going or how to do so. To make the whole process easier, we made this little guide on how to make moving with kids easy!

How the child feels

To understand why moving with kids can be hard and should be made easier, you have to understand the arriving of the Union County movers from the kids’ perspective. For weeks before the move, there was some talk, some action. Things before on display or use were being packed, schedules changed, parents were often busy. And now a lot of weird people are packing all of your things… it is a hard thing to understand.

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How do age differences influence the process?

Make moving with kids easy with their development in mind

There are several child development stages, but we do not need to go in deep into the physiology here. All you need to do is three main ages you should consider your decision-making process:

  • Early. Small children (babies, toddlers, and preschoolers) are generally much easier to move. This is because, while they do possess a concept of home (in later ages of this stage) they will not necessarily see it as something written in stone. Family is their home. Wherever they move, if the people stay the same it will make moving with kids easy.
  • Intermediate. This is the period from the beginning of school until their 15-16 year. Here, they will already make valuable connections on their own but are still very tied to their family as well. Moving is harder for them.
  • Late. As teenagers, they are the hardest to move. Their values are already been built within their own social circle. If they have to move, they will have a lot of anxiety about fitting it into a new friendship group.

What to do? Get them involved!

The best way to make moving with kids easy is to get them involved somehow. It will give them that all-needed agency in the situation. Consider, for example, giving them some information about the city online or through encyclopedias and asking them to research the future town they are moving into.

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Get them to research their new home town

Or, alternatively, instead of packing services NJ, ask the kids to help. There is no reason they should not feel like they are part of this very important process.

To conclude

What it all comes down to is communication with your child. That will definitely do most in the effort to make moving with kids easy. If the child can understand why you are doing something, or at least that you are very much sure that it is the right thing to do, even though you can’t explain it – that will be a very good thing indeed. And, of course, make it a two-way street. Listen to their troubles as well and see if you can do something about any of those.

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