How to Keep a Bird Bath Clean This Summer

Do you know how to keep a bird bath clean during the summer? Your best NJ movers – Van Express Moving – has you covered with this quick home hack.

OK, so you moved to a new home and you want to start feeling at home now…what do you do? Create a new home for the birds, of course! Bird baths of any shape and size make wonderful additions to any backyard or garden. Over time, though, these bird baths grow algae.

So, you must prevent the algae growth and go even longer between cleanings by adding 1 capful of apple cider vinegar to the bath water itself. You may choose any kind of apple cider vinegar, generic or name brand, for cleaning purposes. Be sure to label it differently than the bottle you cook with so there isn’t any confusion with family members, and store it in a shed or garage away from the main house.

By adding apple cider vinegar to your bird bath, not only does it make it much more difficult for algae to grow, but experts around the country have been known to say that it also provides essential vitamins and minerals for the birds to enjoy.

Do you have any summer hacks you’d like to share with Van Express Moving?

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