How to interview Florham Park movers before hiring them

Now that you decided to move, you’ll certainly want the best movers Florham Park NJ can provide. But how do you decide which company is best for you? It’s pretty simple: You hire them as you would any employee – by asking a series of questions, and weighing their answers. The one with the most satisfactory results wins. To make it easier for you, here’s a list of questions you should ask when you interview Florham Park movers.

Can you provide a USDOT number?

Every legitimate moving company that offers cross-country services has to have a USDOT (US Department of Transportation) number issued by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). It is the first sign of the reputability of the company. You can easily check this number online, along with the list of complaints.

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If you wish your most valuable items safe and sound during a move, make sure to ask the right questions.

Additional note: FMCSA doesn’t manage moving companies that only operate within one state. Instead, they are regulated by the state. Therefore, these companies won’t have a USDOT number.

Are you using subcontractors?

Larger companies often subcontract to smaller firms, especially during peak seasons. If the answer to this question is “yes”, ask for a list of subcontractors, so you can check their referrals too.

What kind of liability coverage do you provide?

As stated by FMCSA, every moving company, Morris county movers included, must offer two types of value protection. These are:

  • Released Value Protection (RVP) – This is the basic option and is usually included in the cost of the move. With RVP, the value of your goods is calculated by their weight, and not their actual market value. This number is most commonly 0.60$ per pound per item.
  • Full Value Protection (FVP) – Under FVP, in case of the loss or damage of your items during the move, your mover should repair or replace them, or offer you a cash settlement. This is the better option as item value is based on their current market value (as opposed to RVP)

Additional note: This type of liability coverage is called Valuation. Neither of these two options includes items of extraordinary value (items worth more than 100$ per pound per item). If you’re transporting lots of valuables such as jewelry, antiques or fine art, going with the third-party insurance is the better option. Also, be sure to notify your movers in writing about these items.

Will you be sending someone to do an On-Site estimate?

If the company refuses, this should immediately raise some red flags. It means that you’ll probably have to pay more for the move than originally stated in moving quotes. To avoid this, always go for reliable moving companies.

Can you provide a binding estimate?

A binding estimate ensures that moving costs won’t exceed an agreed-upon amount and it has to be made in writing.  It must contain all charges, method of payment, date, and be signed by both you and contractor.

Additional note: With a non-binding estimate, you can end up paying less. This can happen if the move doesn’t require as much time or your shipment is lighter than initially estimated.

How experienced is your crew?

It’s no secret that moving companies often hire temporary personnel during peak seasons. We do not doubt they will do the job to the best of their abilities. The fact is – sometimes their best simply won’t be good enough. With this in mind, be sure to request an experienced crew to handle your move.

interview Florham Park movers before hiring them and ask if they load boxes into a truck like a man on the picture
Make sure you ask for experienced movers.

Can you provide recommendations and references?

Any reputable moving company will be happy to show you their awards or references from satisfied customers. They might also suggest you read their online reviews on Yelp or similar sites, and you should do it, as it will help you in rating a moving company.

Do you have all the necessary equipment to handle my specific type of move?

Moving a few boxes doesn’t require the same equipment as moving a piano. It’s also important to know if all your things are being moved to the ground floor or on the 15th floor. Keep this in mind when you interview Florham Park movers. Explain, in as many details as you can, the specifics of the move.

Additional note: Pay attention to questions your mover asks. If they ask you for specifics such as distance to parking, are there any narrow doors or hallways they will have to navigate, do not withhold. They are asking these questions so they could properly prepare, thus minimizing the risk of damage to your goods and property.

Do you offer additional services?

Sometimes your goods won’t be able to go directly to your new home and will have to remain in storage for a while. Maybe you want a professional to do the packing so you could focus on other things. Ask the movers what do they consider extra services, and how much do they charge for them. This way you’ll be able to organize even better and cut unnecessary costs.

Don’t forget to ask about the deposit

Typically, once you hire a moving company, they will ask you to place a deposit. The exact amount may vary, but should never exceed 20% of the total moving cost.

Additional note: Ask about the cancelation policy and make sure your deposit is refundable in case the company fails to deliver, or you have to cancel the move.

What payment methods do you accept?

The important thing to ask when you interview Florham Park movers is how the payment will be made. A reliable company will accept credit cards and cashier checks. However, if they insist on cash payment, you might be dealing with a fraudulent moving company you should avoid at all costs.

American express credit card and a black lock - How to interview Florham Park movers
Legitimate companies will accept credit cards and cashier checks.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

Discounts and promotions are pretty common, especially with reputable moving companies and during off-seasons. They are a great way to shave off a few more dollars of a costly endeavor.

Finally, if you have additional questions when you interview Florham Park movers – ask them! There’s no need to be shy. Moving is a demanding task, and you deserve to have all the necessary information.

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