How to include kids in your cross-country move?

Moving is a stressful and emotional hardship. Not to mention all the hard labor that awaits you. And to successfully relocate yourself and your family, you must organize, pack, and find one of the best moving companies in NJ. It won’t be easy as you initially thought. On top of it all, you are moving with a whole family and your kids. So, let us help you with a few tips and tricks on how to include kids in your cross-country move. It will keep them engaged and you’ll have a bit more help around the house. Let’s give it a go.

First, you must organize like a pro

Before you start looking for reliable interstate moving companies NJ, you must obtain a few important details first. Guided by your moving date, you must figure out how many days off work you can take. This will give you a time window where you must fit all the moving steps. Then, create a moving checklist and inspect your environment and your belongings. Once you know how much stuff there is to pack, then you can decide on the number of packing materials you’ll purchase. And this is a moment to start calculating your moving costs and your budget. Finally, call your movers and let them help you finalize your moving plan and provide the precise moving cost.

A child in a box helping parents pack
The packing process will be the most interesting part for your kid.

The packing process is where you can include kids in your cross-country move

The best step where you can include kids in your cross-country move is the packing process. Of course, this all depends on the size of your children. Nevertheless, even the smallest children around the age of 5 can help a bit. Give them a task to pack their favorite blanket, plushies, and other toys. You can make an adventure out of it and create some precious memories. On the other hand, if your children are older, they can help you pack all the way. Just ensure you communicate all the details with them and to pack gradually assisting each other rather than creating more unnecessary work.

Include kids in your cross-country move but get a helping hand as well

Yes, in theory, you and your older children can carry boxes around and maybe some of the furniture. But we strongly suggest avoiding this part and enlist one of the moving companies Morristown NJ to do it instead. Movers know the best ways on handling heavy furniture, boxes, and equipment without endangering anyone. Therefore, think about the moving services available to you and do not expose anyone to unnecessary risk. Moreover, your move can be ten times easier if your movers assist and you can spend the valuable time you have with your kids.

Stay positive and your children will respond to it

Ok, so far you understand that your kids can help you pack a bit and maybe run an errand or complete a few chores around the house. Most of the moving steps require an adult involved. But even if that is the case, you mustn’t dismiss your children without explaining what is going on. They must understand what relocation means to them and to the whole family. They will understand how important their help is and have a better perspective. Not to mention that they will learn a lot in the process. Such experience is priceless and it will help them grow into responsible adults. Just ensure you explain everything beforehand. Keep the positive attitude and a smile on your face as much as possible and your kids will see this relocation as an opportunity and an adventure, rather than hard labor.

Parents with a baby on the street
Pay attention to your kid while moving. Be a loving and caring parent.

Think about your children’s mental state

Now, it might be a bit tricky explaining everything to smaller children and teenagers, let alone engaging them in a moving process. Therefore, pay attention to your kid’s mental state and how they respond to the whole situation. They might be confused by a sudden change and shift. Their worlds are shaken and they must relocate into the unknown. So, if your child is acting out and you see they feel under the weather, keep them company. Let your child play or be near you while you pack. Engage them by playing games, having conversations, and taking breaks to heed their needs.

And that was it. A few tips on how to include kids in your cross-country move. It won’t be easy, especially if you have small children. They can’t help much, but you should engage them anyhow and introduce them to a whole moving concept. Pack together and have fun while doing it. Once you relocate, go out to explore the neighborhood and meet new neighbors. It will be good for the whole family. Good luck.

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