How to disassemble furniture when moving

Disassembling and packing furniture for relocation can become a hard job. Especially if it is your first relocation. There are a lot of things that can easily go wrong! Which is why you will need the best guide on how to disassemble furniture when moving! Luckily for you, we wrote such an article covering all the aspects of furniture packing. Continue reading and you will know everything there is to it!

Disassemble furniture when moving – first steps

In order to successfully pack furniture for relocation, there are some tasks you need to complete first! Let’s begin with the simplest one. Decide what you need and what you can get rid of! When it comes to furniture, we know they come in various shapes and sizes! Which can sometimes be a drag since people sometimes move into smaller homes or apartments. Figure out what you can throw away or give to someone. Certainly, some of the furniture won’t fit in your new home. This can sometimes cause a lot of problems and issues when relocating. And you need to avoid any problems when moving at all costs!

Boys room
Good preparation is a key when you want to disassemble furniture when moving

Measure everything

Before you start to disassemble furniture when moving, start with measuring it! Write down on the piece of paper how big your furniture is and then calculate whether or not will it fit in your new home. There are numerous instances where people brought their furniture tho their new place, and it couldn’t fit. Not having exact measurements can bring a lot of trouble when moving! Especially when hiring movers. In that case, you won’t know the right size of a truck you would want to get for your relocation. This can prove to be a major issue because you would either have to make several trips or pay up again for a bigger truck.

As with many cases, if you hire professional movers NJ you won’t have to think about it. They can visit you one day before the relocation and help you measure everything. In fact, they will know exactly what kind of a truck you will need, and how to handle your valuable items. Most of the time, people decide to leave everything in the capable hands of their movers. Movers experience is exactly why it is a good idea to let them handle your furniture!

Gather packing materials

When you have to disassemble furniture when moving, you would want to protect it the best way possible. In order to pack your furniture before relocating, you would want to get some of the following items, such as:

  • Tools you will need to disassemble furniture when moving. You know, when you have to pack furniture for the relocation, it is easier to pack them while in parts than to pack a whole item. That way you can better protect your valuable wooden furniture. If you find this task hard, you can always opt to get packing services from New Jersey movers! After all, they will pack it far better than anyone else.
  • Wrapping materials such as big blankets, sheets, newspaper, t-shirts, etc.
  • Packing rope – you can use it to tighten the wraps around the furniture.
  • Small bags to keep small parts such as screws, bolts, etc.
Air filled wraps
Use air-filled wraps to protect your wooden furniture

With these steps in mind, you can easily figure out how important it is to prepare before disassembling furniture. Furthermore, it can save you a lot of trouble when moving, because you can handle any issue without trouble!

Fix what you can

This is the perfect opportunity to fix those damaged parts of the furniture before you pack it for relocation. Some scratches or other issues are easier to fix when you disassemble your furniture. Furthermore, you can easily polish every part that way. This may be the perfect opportunity to do it before you pack it for relocation. It is easier to fix and polish furniture when it is in parts than as a whole item! Now you can use this time to both fix the damaged parts and prepare your furniture for moving. That can help you with this is if you know how to deal with damaged wooden furniture before moving!  It can help you a lot when you have to relocate!

Bunch of tools on the table you will need to disassemble furniture when moving
See that you fix everything that needs to be fixed before packing

Empty everything

Before you disassemble furniture when moving, empty everything from it. It would be much easier to transport empty furniture, even if you don’t disassemble it. But, make sure you get everything out. There are some parts you can’t put apart because they are probably made as a hole! Many times that is the case with the drawers. If you leave something in it, it can tumble around and damage your furniture from the inside. So make sure you take everything out before you pack it for relocation!

When you decide to move, you need to prepare everything for the relocation. That also includes all those fragile items you need to pack. As with furniture, they also require special handling and care! It is a good idea to know how to pack valuable and breakable items for the relocation before you move.

Wrap small parts

When you put apart the furniture, use the old blankets and t-shirt to wrap them. They will provide much-needed protection against any scratches during transportation. You can use the packing rope to strengthen and tighten the wrappings around the delicate wooden parts. Old blankets are huge and perfect for covering large areas of wooden furniture. You can easily put them on and secure them. Trust us, if you wish to have a perfectly protected furniture then do this.

Moving can become such an issue that people often lose too much time on it! They simply can’t finish what they start and they don’t even get prepared before the moving day arrives. There are benefits of hiring pro movers you must know more about. Pro movers can both prepare you for your relocation and move you with care and efficiency!

There are a number of things you need to think about when you want to disassemble furniture when moving! From disassembling, packing, loading then unloading and assembling! We hope this article provided you with much-needed guidelines you can use when moving! Follow it through and you will pack your furniture in no time at all!

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