How to Clean a Grill this Summer

You’ve just moved into a new home in a new neighborhood in the middle of the summertime. You’re unpacking your belongings after your move, and the last thing to come out of storage is your beloved grill.

A grill is the essential icon of the summer, and must be kept clean at all times to avoid rust and even grime buildup. But how do you keep a grill clean all summer long, when parties occur every weekend and your family loves to enjoy it every chance they can?

Your best NJ movers – Van Express Moving – has a top home hack for you: clean your beloved grill with an onion! Yes, it’s really that simple.

Are you looking to avoid using harmful chemicals and expensive cleaners on your grill? The answer should be “yes”. Pick up a large onion at your local grocer, head on home, and cut it in half. Next, put a fork in the onion, and head to your grill for the cleaning part; use the cut side to rub grit and old food away.

This hack works best after your barbecue has been on “high” for some time, then turned down to a safer temperature. You’ll be ready for your next party in no time.

Have you cleaned your grill another way before? Let Van Express know as a comment below.

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