How do you pack delicate items when preparing to move?

You have antiques and mirrors and probably televisions and home entertainment systems, too! Your home is filled to the brim with delicate and fragile items, that when moved improperly, will probably break, and you’ll be in the hole thousands of dollars.

You don’t want that, right?

Here are some hacks on how to properly pack up your home.

First, what you’ll want to do is inventory all of the delicate items in your home. Making this list won’t only help ease the stress of packing, but it will put your mind at ease and actually allow you to visually see how many delicate items you actually have.

Then, head to your local packing supply store or a Home Depot, and purchase all your supplies – bubble wrap, boxes, tape, scissors and the like. If you’re moving with a professional moving company, like Van Express, your best NJ movers, ask them if they carry those kinds of moving supplies, too. It may be easier hiring professionals and they could very well take the stress away from your moving woes.

Once you wrap all your belongings SAFELY and appropriately, it’s time to label all the items. Yes, it’s important to label all your items because once you move – either by yourself or with your best NJ movers – you’ll thank yourself you stayed so organized. And label all fragile items, “FRAGILE,” before moving day to assure nothing breaks – take extra precaution.

How do you pack, label and move delicate belongings? Share your comments with us – your best NJ movers!

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