How do you get rid of extreme clutter while moving?

So, you’re moving and want to declutter your home? Want a fresh start in your new home? Well, Van Express Moving and Storage have tips for you.

First and foremost, moving is expensive, and the more you take with you to your new humble abode, the more costly it will be … think of more boxes you have to fill, pack, label, and how many of those boxes professional movers have to actually move from your first place to your second place. It adds up.

Plus, the less stuff you actually have cluttering your old life, the less there is to worry about in the long run. Right? Right.

So, take in steps. About six months out from your big moving day, tackle your closets, attic and basement. Make piles, and label them, “keep,” “donate,” and “maybe.” The “keep” pile will constitute as items you can’t let go of; “Donate” will be the pile you send off to Purple Heart or elsewhere; “Maybe” constitutes as, eh, you’re not really sure yet.

As you’re decluttering your life, pack up the “keep” pile(s), which will make your move that much easier once it comes time to tackle the big moving day.

Alternatively, your “donate” pile could turn into a “sell” pile, and you could hold a yard sale. Hey, it’ll be a few extra bucks in your wallet or bank. The proceeds could either go towards a local charity or towards your new bills at your new location.

So, how do you declutter your life? Care to share your answers and hacks with Van Express, your best NJ movers?

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