How do you get friends to help you during moving day?

If you aren’t going to hire professional movers on your big moving day, then you may have to call upon the help of your family or friends to assist you. Moving isn’t the easiest take, even if you do decide to take on professional movers. You have to prepare months in advance, even up to a year.

If your family doesn’t live close to you or they aren’t available, you’ll most likely have to call upon close friends to help you with a move. This is a big favor to ask, so when approaching your friends, be sure to set time aside to discuss the logistics of how it is going to go.

When asking your friends to help you move, be sure to be transparent in the fact that they will be sacrificing their time – probably 1 to 2 days or more – and that heavy lifting is involved. Other asks may be pHow do you get friends to help you during moving day?acking boxes and labeling household items, too.

So, with that being said, we here at Van Express, your best NJ movers, have compiled a list of items you’ll need to do when asking your best pals to help you move to a new home.

  1. Do you really need friends to assist with your move? Weigh the pros and cons first of your self move and determine whether or not you can make the physical move on your own, with packing and lifting then unpacking items. If you can make the move alone, fine, so be it. But remember, you’ll be asking friends a very big favor should you want them to join in on the fun of moving.
  2. Ask your friends to help you move as early as possible. Do NOT wait until the last minute to get your friends on the horn or have a meeting with them to ask them about this big favor of moving. Set a time to, well, set a time and then assure everybody involved is on board. And ask your friends nicely.
  3. Tell your friends you will take care of them during the day of the move. Yes, you are the one asking a favor of your friends, so be sure to treat them right. Purchase water and other electrolyte-packed drinks and snacks for the move, and also plan on treating your friends to dinner – pizza or pasta – once the move is completed. They’ll appreciate you thinking of them, too.
  4. Once the move is over and everybody is back to their usual lives, set a follow-up date with the group of friends that helped you and invite them out for a “thank you” dinner. Once you’re all-settled and can breathe after moving, this will be a nice way to get together with the ones who helped you get to your new life and home. To make it extra special, have the dinner at your new place and cook.

What are some tips you have when thinking about asking friends to help you move?

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