Holiday attractions in New Jersey in December

If you are moving to NJ just before the holidays, you have a lot on your plate. You must take care of the whole moving project and organize holidays and festivities. You should work on your moving logistics, pack like a pro, and seek appropriate NJ movers for this task. On top of it all, you must decide where to spend your holidays. So, let us help a bit by providing a shortlist of Holiday attractions in New Jersey. Let’s keep the Holiday spirit up and relocate successfully.

Before we look at Holiday attractions in New Jersey, let us work on your moving logistics

Before you start looking for the best Ridgewood movers, you should inspect and acknowledge your situation. Start by assembling a moving checklist with all the info necessary. Figure out how much packing materials you need and what is the size and weight of your cargo.

Then, inspect your environment to figure out if there are any possible hardships ahead. Once you have all the basic info contact your commercial movers NJ and start working on your moving estimates and moving costs. And do not forget to ask your movers if they possess all the licenses, permits, tools, and equipment for the job. Wrap the whole thing up, the start looking for Holiday attractions in New Jersey you can attend this year.

Liberty Science Center Holiday Adventure

Let us begin our journey with a family event. At Liberty Science Center, almost every year, you can find a ton of fun for the whole family. Starting with Skating Rink, Snowflake Maze, and Shadow Wall, all the way to the Snowman Riddle Scavenger Hunt, Laser Wonderland, and Holiday Dance Party. But there are many more and you should read about it online so you can create a plan and make sure you can attend everything you and your family desire in one night. You can find this place at 222 Jersey City Boulevard.

Take your kids out and attend one of the Holiday attractions in New Jersey
Take your kids out for a treat. Have a ton of fun at one of the local events.

Road Winter Wonderland Drive-Thru

Although all Holiday events have pandemic safety protocols in place, some people do not feel comfortable taking unnecessary risks. In that case, a drive-thru event is for you. Road Winter Wonderland is a free event featuring around 10 stopping points, events, and displays. Enjoy the light show each Saturday of December and bring friends and family with you. It is located at 218 Stage Road in Little Egg Harbor Township NJ.

Holiday Harmonies are among the Holiday attractions in New Jersey you shouldn’t miss

Ok, we covered indoor and drive-thru activities. And what about the old-fashioned street fun? Yes, Holidays in December are followed by snow and cold weather. But with all the people cheering and having fun on the street, you won’t feel it at all. The best place to do it is the Red Bank streets. You have a unique opportunity to enjoy traditional festivities with brass bands, folk, rock, jazz, and festive choirs. Simply take a stroll and you’ll find performers stationed all over the place. Although, some will take a stroll with you so you can spread holiday cheer together. Hit the downtown Red Bank NJ and have a lovely time.

A woman looking at the sky while snowing
Spending Holidays outdoors is a good choice. Remember to dress for the occasion.

Ok, now you know how to get ready for moving and how to find Holiday attractions in New Jersey. With a proper plan in hand, you’ll be able to complete your moving tasks and get ready for the holidays. Happy holidays!

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