Heavy lifting techniques for DIY moving from Chatham NJ

Did you know that the most common cause of back pain is inadequate heavy lifting techniques? Back pain is a very diverse term that can mean just muscle aching all to the ischia. Additionally, back pain is the most common reason for seeing a doctor or missing work. As moving requires lifting heavy items, you can end up with serious medical problems if you don’t do it properly. For this reason, one of the biggest advantages of hiring movers NJ is that they will do the heavy lifting instead of you. But, if you strongly decided to do a DIY move, you should learn proper techniques for lifting heavy items.

Why do you need to know heavy lifting techniques when doing a DIY mover?

Well, no one said that preparing a DIY move is easy. There is a good reason why you should hire local movers NJ when moving. But, doing a DIY move is not a bad choice, just a harder one. You will have to think about many things that you wouldn’t have to if you hired professional movers. You will have to find good packing supplies, prepare your items, rent a moving truck, and also learn lifting techniques for heavy objects. Learning this technique is not just useful during relocation, but also for daily life. So, the steps in proper lifting techniques are the following:

  • A wide base of support
  • Squat
  • Good posture
  • Slowly lift

How to start lifting heavy items?

The biggest mistake people make when lifting a heavy item is to start with their legs closed. You should in fact start with a wide base of support. This means that you should start with your legs being shoulder-width apart and maybe even one leg just a bit ahead of the other. It’s not anything complicated or hard to do. But, it will help you tremendously. Of course, the best help would be movers Fairfield NJ. Professional movers know how to properly lift heavy items as that is part of their everyday job.

boxes on the floor and person whos practicing heavy lifting techniques
You should start heavy lifting techniques with your legs in shoulder-width apart position

Why is it important to squat?

The most important part of lifting heavy items is how you are going to pick them up. You will be making a huge mistake if you just bend down from your waist with your legs straight. If you ever watched how commercial movers NJ lift heavy items, you would notice that they always first squat down and then slowly lift certain items.

How to set down heavy items?

How to set down heavy items is equally important as how to lift them. You can also cause back pain or worsen your already existing back problems if you don’t set down items the same way as you lift them.

couple carrying cardboard boxes
You should set down heady items the same you pick them up

What should you do when your moving preparation also includes lifting heavy items?

Learning heavy lifting techniques is important if you are going to do a DIY move. The better solution would be if you can hire a moving company such as movers Chatham NJ. It’s a much safer option for your health and your items as well.


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