Halloween events in NJ to explore

One of the most exciting things about your move is getting to know the area you’ve moved to. After your Madison movers leave, you have all the time in the world to start exploring New Jersey and all it has to offer. And if you’ve moved in October, there are a couple of Halloween events in NJ that you mustn’t miss! Even in these uncertain times, you can still find a few fun events in the area that you can check out with your entire family. We’ll try and help you out in this search and show you how you can spend your Halloween this year.

What are some fun Halloween events in NJ you can partake in?

First things first, we have to mention that there are multiple events in each NJ county. Even if you’re moving locally with the help of local movers NJ, you can still explore your new area and find new events to visit. In case you are a fan of haunted houses, you are in the right place! New Jersey is filled with so many haunted mansions that you can’t simply visit them during one spooky season. Each city and county has at least one. It all depends on how much are you willing to drive in order to have someone spook you!

A skeleton in a scary room.
One of the ways to ensure some spooky fun for Halloween is to visit a scary escape room with your friends.

For example, there is a very interesting event that stands out among all other Halloween events in NJ. The 13th Hour Haunted House has weekend events that started on October 2nd and last until October 31st. What’s so interesting about this haunted house that it is in fact a combination of 4 different Halloween-themed escape rooms! During the Halloween season, these escape rooms have live actors that are there to scare you to bits.

There are also more family-friendly Halloween events in the state

In Westfield, NJ, there is an Addamsfest going on! Throughout the entire month of 2020, this town will honor Charles Addams and everything he did in the town he grew up in. There will be family-friendly events, movie screenings, and exhibits that you can visit. Still, you can continue to practice social distancing and stay safe.

A broom and some pumpkins.
Your little ones don’t have to skip out on Halloween fun – there are some events they would love to be a part of!

If you want to go the extra mile and stay in your car while visiting an event, the Jack O’Lantern drive-through experience in Augusta, NJ is what you should visit. The best movers NJ work in all weather conditions, and so does this Halloween event! From September 25th to November 1st, they fill the Skylands Stadium with over five thousand Jack O’Lanterns. It’s definitely an interesting sight to see!

So many options, so little time!

As you can see, visiting some NJ pumpkin patch isn’t the only Halloween event in NJ that you can go to. Take your time to think about what you want to do and how far you’re willing to go. Whether you are brave and want to go to a super scary haunted house, or you have little kids and want to practice more social distancing, there is an option for everyone.

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