Guide to moving to Union County

Moving to a different city or state can be quite stressful, as you never know what can go wrong. From moving itself, to the fact you don’t know what is waiting for you at your new address. That is the reason we believe preparation and getting the right information is necessary. Nothing is more stressful than not knowing what to expect. If you are moving to Union County, we are here to provide you with accurate and helpful information. For sure, the most important thing is to first search for one of the best moving companies NJ can provide to help you with your relocation. For everything else, check our guide.

Some essentials you should know about New Jersey first

If you’re searching for white-picket-fence living that’s still convenient to big cities and has a somewhat lower cost of living, New Jersey is a terrific state to call home. It will offer you an all-around more family-friendly quality of life. The tax benefits, which include no tax on apparel, are another benefit of residing in the Garden State. Additionally, New Jersey is an excellent spot to raise a family because it boasts some of the best schools in the country. Not to mention that if you are originally from New York, it would be almost like you never left. Some people say that moving to Union County offers just the perfect balance – you will be out of the craziness of the Big Apple but close enough to know you can go back whenever you want. Just say the address, and let Union County movers do the rest.

Houses in Union County
Moving to Union County with your family is a great choice.

What makes Union County a good choice for your move?

New Jersey is the only state in which all counties are rated urban. Of course, it is no different with Union County. This explains why so many people want to make Union County their new home. With almost 600 thousand residents, it is one of the most populated counties. Union County is located in the northeastern corner of New Jersey. It is bordering Staten Island, NY, to the East and the New Jersey counties of Hudson, Essex, Morris, Somerset, and Middlesex. Union County is known for its numerous parks and traditional New England towns. It is a perfect place for raising a family and also for singles and couples that don’t want to be overstimulated with bigger cities.

Cost of living in Union County

Union County has a cost of living that is around 26% more than the national average. However, compared with New York City, this still represents significant savings. Compared to NYT, that is almost 60% lower. This could be one of the main reasons why people are choosing Union County, as savings are significant. This also applies to buying house prices and renting as well. House prices range from $95,000 to $2.9 million, but the typical home price is around $500 000. While in NYC that price is $800 000. However, if you are planning to rent, houses and apartments range from $950 to $6,000 per month. You just need to pick your place and pick moving services NJ moving companies offer, to do the rest.

Person using phone to calculate
Even though some costs can be higher than the national average, moving to Union County can save you money.

What about neighborhoods in Union County?

As the whole county is developed you will not mistake whatever neighborhood you choose. Union County includes 36 parks covering 6,768 acres, with plenty of woodlands and open areas. You can enjoy numerous activities, from bike rides and sports to picnics and leisurely walks. Westfield, New Providence, and Summit are in the top 3 best neighborhoods for raising a family. When it comes to safety, you should also take it into consideration when you are choosing your new home. Unlike numerous other urbanized states in the country, violent and property crime rates are generally lower than the United States average. Compared with the national average of 22.7, the violent crime rate is much significantly lower- 15.3. Secondly, the property crime rate is 25, while the national average is 35.4. These are pretty good rates!

What kind of weather you can expect?

The weather is pretty stable, but it can get very cold and windy. The summers in Union County are hot and humid, and the winters are cold. During the winter months, the temperature is between the low 30s and 16°F. In the summer, on the other hand, temperatures range from the low 60s to the high 80s. There is also a lot of rain and snowfall. From late fall to early spring, nor’easters hit New Jersey. Strong winds, floods, and blizzards are all signs of this kind of extreme weather. Extreme weather often causes power outages. If you are not used to this, it is important to prepare yourself. Here, it is a common thing to have an emergency plan.

Woman smiling and thinking of moving to Union County
If you love hot weather and summers in the city, you will love Union County.

Union County job market

Union County has a strong job market. The unemployment rate in Union County is 6.6%, which is a little less than the state average of 7.1%. This is partly because there are so many job opportunities in the area. Many large corporations have their headquarters here. Merck & Co., Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ, Trinitas Regional Medical Center in the city of Elizabeth, and Blue Apron, a meal-kit company in the town of Linden, are the biggest employers in Union County. And that’s just the beginning for businesses in Union County. This place offers many opportunities for good employment. And moving companies stationed here offer the best packing services NJ for your move.

Moving to Union County is definitely a good decision!

Making a decision to move is never easy. Hopefully, with our guide, you got more clarity on what moving to Union County could bring you. We truly believe that moving here can not be a mistake. Union County will offer you everything you need. Chances to enjoy great outdoor activities, get a great education for your kids, and have the opportunity for professional development. All this among beautiful family-friendly, calm neighborhoods, while New York City jungle is just across if you are ever in a need of additional excitement.


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