Glenn Wechsler of Keller Williams Morristown New Jersey

It’s rare in this day and age to find a realtor you trust and who holds family values and stellar customer service in high regard. Glenn Wechsler of Keller Williams Metropolitan in Morristown, New Jersey, is one of those realtors.

Join Van Express in its latest installment of the Realtor Interview Series, and get to know the ins and outs of real estate as told by a true professional.

Our Marketing Manager, Joseph A. Federico, sits down with Glenn Wechsler. Read on and join the conversation.

Van Express: Tell us about your path to becoming a realtor.

Glenn, Keller Williams: I’ve always been attracted to job positions where I was able to help people.  Ever since I graduated college, I have always been in sales positions that had an emphasis on clients and their specific needs –  I love working with and helping people.

So, my position now gives me an opportunity – whether it’s to sell a home, find a home for them to buy, or even for potential customers who require rentals – there’s always someone who has a need. I’d love to find a match for what my customers need.

Van Express: So, your background in sales evolved into your love for helping people?

Glenn, Keller Williams: Yes, I always enjoy working with clients.  For me, I feel the key to success is having direct access to the client, so that you can understand their circumstances and their wants and needs, and also really get to know them as people along the way.

You really get to know people in real estate; you get to know their families, they invite you to family functions and so much more.  It’s just more personal, and I prefer it to be that way. And when they truly understand that you care, they’ll refer you to friends and family, who are the closest people in their lives.

Van Express: How do you feel you stand apart from other agents in the area?  This may be in regard to Keller Williams or you directly.

Glenn, Keller Williams: At Keller Williams, we are the number one Real Estate company in the world, namely because of our culture.  There is a mindset that exists to help other agents with their success.  We are also one of the top companies for training.  You get such great support from your colleagues at Keller Williams.

As far as what sets me apart, I’ve always been up front and people appreciate that.  I do not put pressure on my clients to induce offers.  I consult with them and figure out what they want to do. I’m there as a conduit to accomplish their specific goals.  I follow through and allow the process to evolve naturally, whether a client wants to buy or sell.

If it’s in your heart to be a good person and you actually want to help people, that shows through.

Van Express: Do you feel realtors work better alone or within a group?

Glenn, Keller Williams: As far as a realtor being on a team, it all depends on the realtor themselves. For me, personally, I’ve worked with other realtors on specific projects, and it’s nice sometimes, to collaborate.  Also, it’s great to team up, because if someone goes on vacation or has a scheduling conflict, you’re with someone you trust to give amazing customer service to your clients.

I don’t want to say that one way is wrong, or one way is better than the other, I just think both have their advantages and disadvantages.  It’s for that particular Realtor to decide.

Van Express: Being a realtor in New Jersey, how do you feel the profession is different in our state than in others?

Glenn, Keller Williams: First off, it’s taken a lot more seriously than in other states.  We have the most difficult exam to pass in order to get a real estate license in the whole country.

You truly need to take your job seriously as a fiduciary; you must put clients’ needs in front of your own needs.  You must do a lot of research and be very comprehensive when looking into properties.  We are one of the few areas in the country that requires an attorney for our transactions.

On a positive note, I’d say that New Jersey is a great market, because you have people coming into the area – with Manhattan and Philadelphia being so accessible.

Working with clients in New Jersey is a wonderful experience. There is such a diversity in terms of backgrounds and personalities, that it makes my career even more exciting because every day is different.

Van Express: When building your referral network, what do you feel realtors are looking for? How does that relationship last?

Glenn, Keller Williams: I think you must earn business, and I would only refer my clients to companies that I knew in advance would take care of them.  I wouldn’t choose a company just because I received gifts or incentives, or because I feel obligated.

You want to align yourself with someone that’s working toward the same goal as you.  Always make certain that they offer your clients the highest level of customer service and hold a very high code of ethics.

Glenn Wechsler of Keller Williams Metropolitan can be reached by calling or texting 973-525-0640, or by email at Glenn.Wechsler@gmail.com

If you’d like to be the next Van Express feature, send a detailed email to Marketing@VanExpressNJ.com.

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