Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is included in the price?

    Moving you from your current destination to your new destination. Wrapping up your furniture items in blankets and disassembly and assembly of basic furniture, securing your floors and door frames with blankets.

  2. How far in advance should I schedule my move?

    We recommend scheduling your move as far in advance as you can. The farther out you can plan your move, the greater the availability you will have in choosing a date and time that is convenient for you. The best way would be to contact us no later than two weeks in advance of your desired move date. We are aware that advance planning is not always possible, and we will try our best to accommodate last minute customers.

  3. Can I ride with movers in truck?

    Unfortunately not! Movers are not allowed to have someone in back of the truck.

  4. Do you have last minute supplies in truck?

    Yes! We always have last minute supplies in our truck.

  5. Which items can not be moved?

    All Licensed Movers will not move hazardous or combustible items such as propane tanks, firearms, paint, and aerosols, as the temperature in the truck could cause these items to explode or ignite.

  6. When do I have to pay for the move?

    After the booking you will pay initial deposit and then the balance right after the move.

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