Reliable Sussex Packers and Movers Company Provides Specialized Morris Moving Services

You may not know that most reliable and reputed moving companies will also offer specialized service apart from the basic and standard relocation services. The basic services provided by movers include transportation packing and unpacking, loading and unloading. Apart from that you may need crating. This is a custom packing service that is often used to ensure the safety of items that are extremely fragile. It is also required for carrying any odd shaped items that have a great value like artwork. These delicate pieces must be wrapped carefully with enough protective materials within like bubble wrap and packing paper. These are then put into custom built wooden crates or cardboard boxes.


Disassembling And Reassembling Of Furniture


This is also another specialized service provided by Morris moving services and often involves large furniture that is difficult to carry in and out through doors and other narrow spaces in your home. These must be disassembled before moving and reassembled at the new location as well. A lot of professional knowledge and skill apart from specialized tools are required for this. All the disassembled parts will be packed separately in marked packages and loaded one after the other in proper sequential manner. All this ensures that the large furniture will reach in your new place without a scratch and without much of a difficulty in moving.


Some Other Services


There are some other specialized services as well provided by Sussex packers and movers company and that includes appliance servicing. If your request the movers will disconnect electrical appliances and pack them safely, transport and reconnect these at the new location as well. Of course they will charge an extra fee for that. Hoisting household appliances or any large furniture through a window using rope-and-pulley rigging system is another specialized service. Shuttle service is another one given when a large truck cannot enter near the property due to physical constraints. In such case smaller vehicles are used to pick up and deliver the goods to the property. Split pickup and delivery and warehouse handling are some other specialized services offered by the moving companies.

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