Enjoy the 4th of July in NJ

New Jersey is a place to be on the 4th of July. Next to the beloved neighbor NYC, this is a place that is most visited during this period. Maybe you just moved here or currently in the process. One thing is certain, once you experience the 4th of July in NJ you’ll wish to become a resident and not just a visitor. With that being said, let us recommend a few things you can do while celebrating.

You simply can’t celebrate the 4th of July in NJ without fireworks!

Keep in mind that among locals you’ll find thousands of visitors coming from all parts of the world to spend the 4th of July in NJ. And mainly for one reason. Yes, fireworks! The one on the Hudson river you shouldn’t miss. The Macy’s 4th of July fireworks can be seen from NYC, NJ, and many other places. It is up to you where you’ll be once this spectacle begins. It is a more than 40-year-old tradition with more than 70 thousand shells fired. Bring your whole family and enjoy it.

Enjoy fireworks at the 4th of July in NJ
It is a signature and a tradition. It wouldn’t be the 4th of July without Fireworks!

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Take a cruise and enjoy the view

Another great way to participate in the great firework and enjoy the 4th of July in NJ is to take a cruise. It is a unique way to experience the whole event while at the same time you will get to know the shoreline. This way of spending the 4th is especially good for people that are not enjoying crowded streets and parks. Book a cruise and enjoy the view with a glass of fine wine and a delicious bite.

Once you experience this ride, you will fall in love with the area and the city it belongs to. And when you do, contact one of the moving companies in NJ to organize your relocation. With a fine service they provide, you will have a seamless transition. In no time you will become a part of this wonderful place.

Fireworks cruise
Take a tour on a firework cruise and have time of your life.

BBQ in the park is the way to go

One this day, many families visit local parks to have a picnic or a barbeque in the open. If you don’t mind the commotion and the playful children running all over the place, this might be the thing for you. Especially if you have your kids with you. You can choose any green area near you. The local park is the way to go, or maybe even hit the beach if you have time for it.

Enjoy the 4th of July in NJ on the beach

Yes, if the weather is good, you should definitely spend this day on a beach. Later in the night you can meet and greet the fireworks above and join one of the beach parties. Remember to check out the Ocean fest at the long beach running 30 years strong. Do not worry, there are many, for all ages and types. Whether you are there with your family or alone, you’ll have a marvelous time for sure.

Hit the city and see something new

But you should know that there are many free events organized all over the state. It is a unique moment to visit all those restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, bars, nightclubs, etc. Simply roam the city and soak the energy of one of the most cherished US holidays. Something will for sure peak your interest. Also, you can browse online a bit and find something that will fit your style. For example, many cover bands organize gigs all over the city, and it is completely free. Plan accordingly and you can even organize a 24hr marathon if you like. Bring your friends and enjoy the show!

People raising hands on a concert
To top the evening off, attend one of the music events held throughout the city.

This is it. A few ideas on how to spend the 4th of July in NJ. There are many ways to do it, and we are sure that you’ll find many more. And when you experience NJ in all its glory, we are sure you’ll consider moving here. We encourage you to organize, make a moving plan, utilize moving services NJ,  and become our neighbor as soon as possible. It will make your dreams come true.

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