Disassembling furniture for a move in Madison, NJ – Pro tips

We know that moving to a new home can be very hard and stressful. There are many things to do in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. One of the most important is hiring reliable Madison movers. By doing so, you can rest assure you will have high-quality service and that all your belongings are in hands of professionals. The following step is packing correctly and making sure that all your belongings are protected and secured.  You have to take care of all the large and bulky furniture pieces and other heavy items before your movers arrive. By reading our article about disassembling furniture for a move, you will relocate without causing any damage to your valuable furniture.

Things to consider before disassembling furniture for a move

Before disassembling furniture for relocation, you should be aware of possible risks and complications. There are certain general pieces of furniture and large household items that everyone can disassemble and pack. However, belongings such as antiques and valuables need to be handled by professionals. In this case, you can contact your NJ movers and have a skilled and equipped team do it for you. You will also avoid any personal injuries of any sort for you, your friends, or family members that will be assisting you.

An antique chair you will handle when disassembling furniture for a move.
We advise you to contact professionals when disassembling antique furniture.

Calculate whether moving your furniture will be worth it

Ok, so you’re relocating soon and you still haven’t made up your mind what to do with your large belongings.  First, you will need to assess your situation and do what’s best for you in terms of time and money. You may wish to move some, most, or all items to your new home. Remember that professional companies will charge you based on the total weight of your shipment. Besides money moving heavy furniture between the two homes will also cost you a lot of time and energy. Calculations show that it’s usually better and cheaper to buy new furniture items upon arrival than to move old ones across the country. If you’re moving on a budget, you can always ask your moving company for a free estimate so you can prepare financially for the relocation.

Gather proper tools for disassembly

Without the right tools, disassembling furniture for a move can become hard. So, while you are making the plan for your relocation, you need to have this in mind. To be able to perform this procedure correctly, you should pay close attention to what tools you will need. Some of the essential tools are:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Ruler
  • Hammer
  • Ziplock bags
  • Wood chisels
  • Scissors
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape
  • Waterproof markers for labeling
  • Moving boxes of different sizes

Follow instructions and manuals

Read the instructions so you know exactly how to disassemble furniture for an upcoming relocation to Madison, NJ. If you don’t keep a hard copy of the manuals, you can do a quick internet search and find the instructions online. Some furniture parts need to be disassembled in a very specific order, so it’s always better to be able to refresh your memory during this process. If you still can’t find the instructions, you can contact the largest furniture store in your hometown for assistance. You can also call relatives or friends to help you with packing.

tool set on plank
Gather all necessary tools before disassembling and follow instructions to make everything easier.

Having a good strategy is essential when relocating

The best and fastest strategy you can have is to dismantle room by room. We encourage you to start with the smallest furniture pieces, and once you finish with these, you will have more room for the bigger items. If you want to have more space to maneuver, you can unblock the space around the piece of furniture you’re about to disassemble. Now that you’ve cleared all the drawers and shelves, it’s time to take them out and pack them accordingly. Also, don’t forget to detach all of the glass elements if it’s possible and secure them with bubble wrap. If you have trouble with any step when disassembling furniture for a move, we advise you to write it down because you will have to assemble it once you’re in your new home.

Pro-tips for disassembling furniture for relocation

When you want to disassemble furniture it is essential to find the disassembling points. Sofa legs or bookcase shelves must be unscrewed and detached. During the furniture dismantle process, remember to put all screws, nuts, bolts, dowels, washers, and other small fasteners into ziplock bags. By doing so, the small parts will not get lost or misplaced during the actual relocation. Label all sealed plastic bags, and then tape them carefully to their corresponding furniture piece. Remember to keep the hardware attached to the furniture pieces.

A woman sitting on the floor and cutting bubble wrap.
Wrapping fragile pieces such as glass or mirror in bubble wrap is a great idea when disassembling furniture for a move.

Consider high-quality storage for your belongings

In case you are downsizing and you wish to keep some of the items, but you don’t have enough space in your new home, you could consider renting a storage unit. We encourage you to contact our moving company and go through the moving services NJ based that we offer. Reputable moving companies also offer a variety of storage services you may need when moving your home belongings. By renting a high-quality storage unit, you will always know that your belongings are safe and sound!

Label all your items properly after disassembling furniture for a move

Last but not least when packing for your relocation, is labeling all your moving boxes properly. Not only that you will keep track of all your belongings, but it will be easier for you to unpack after the moveAlso, your movers will be aware of the fragile items, and they will know where to place each box once they arrive at your new home.

We can assure you that if you follow our pro-tips for disassembling furniture when moving to Madison, NJ, you will have a quick and stress-free moving experience. All your furniture pieces will reach their new destinations safely and without any damage. We hope you enjoyed our article about disassembling furniture for a move and we wish you a pleasant move!

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