Different kinds of moving services to opt for

In the minds of many, moving is a simple, linear process. You pack, you load, you unload, you unpack. While that’s true in a way, how you complete this journey can wildly vary. There are many kinds of moving services NJ, NY, or many other states offer. They can handle any situation, so you ought to know their specialties.

If you’re in need of hiring professional movers but don’t know what type, don’t worry. This guide will tell you about all the types of moving companies you’ll ever need!

Local Movers

Local movers, as the name might give away, deal with short-distance relocation projects. This distance spans up to 100 miles in most cases. So if your new address lies in Caldwell, you would contact Caldwell movers to help you move. These types of moving services don’t need a USDOT number to operate because the Departments of Transportation regulate them.

a graphic of movers
Local movers can make your relocation a care-free time

These companies charge by the hour, the average rate ranging between $30 and $40 an hour. The scope of their services may include packing, loading, transportation, and unloading. You can also arrange some of these separately. So, you can ask for, let’s say, quality packing services NJ has on offer, but without the actual move.

Long-Distance Moving Companies

Long-distance movers render services that require traveling more than 100 miles. Unlike the local variant, these companies do require a USDOT number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The amount they charge will vary based on the circumstances. However, the typical rate averages at $0.85 for every pound they transport 1,000 miles.

Finding the best long distance movers for you is vital, given the high cost of relocating so far away. That’s why you’ll want to take your time and be careful when deciding to which company you’ll entrust your move to.

Full-service movers to facilitate your relocation

These kinds of moving services take care of the entire process for you. This means everything from packing and loading to unloading and unpacking at your destination. This is a terrific option for people that don’t want to risk anything going wrong during the move. If you’re relocating to somewhere in, let’s say, Bergen County, you can rest easy knowing that your Bergen County movers have the situation handled.

This kind of service is among the most expensive of them all. The normal full package should cost you around $120 an hour for one truck and two movers. Seeing that full-service movers take care of every step of your relocation, it’s a fair price to pay if you want everything to go by without a hitch.

International Kinds of Moving Services

International moving companies help people relocate from one country to another. They tend to rate by volume of cargo, measured either in cubic feet or cubic meters. You can hire residential or commercial international movers, depending on your needs.

a globe
You can move anywhere, but it takes time and effort

As you can imagine, this kind of move involves a Herculean amount of organization to pull off successfully. You’ll have to take a plethora of efforts into consideration. Complying with custom rules, import restrictions, and global regulations, getting insurance, choosing the right shipment method (by ship is cheaper than by air), and tons of documentation and paperwork are only some of the factors you’ll have to juggle. For this reason, you can’t go far without employing only the most experienced international movers available to you.

Commercial Movers

Whether it’s a large company office or a humble shop, moving a business is a tremendous effort. It takes a great deal of manpower and special equipment to transport everything safely. Luckily, businesses of every scope can call on commercial movers in NJ (or wherever your premises are) to help them out.

The costs of these kinds of moving services can reach fairly great heights. There are plenty of variables to consider (demand for specialty equipment, volume or weight of the shipment, etc.), but be prepared for a hefty charge. All the same, you can expect the best from your moving company, be they Wayne movers or for any other municipality.

Partial Moving Companies

If you’re looking for pros to cover only a part of the moving process, then partial movers are your ideal solution. Depending on which part of the relocation you need to be sorted out by the company, you can hire these kinds of movers for a variety of tasks. Here are some services they can handle:

  • loading and unloading kinds of services (great for you if you can’t/don’t want to lift heavy items)
  • moving small loads (no more than 1,000 pounds)
  • storage services
  • pickup and delivery service types

Self-Service Types of Movers

If you lack the means to carry your things, you can turn to a self-service model. Self-service movers will only lend you transportation, leaving the rest of the job to you.

kinds of moving services - father and a daughter with moving boxes
You can carry your boxes yourself or leave it to the pros to do it

You can opt for one of two kinds of moving services here. The company can send you a truck to whisk you away to your new space. Otherwise, you can make use of a mobile storage container. Once you’ve loaded the container, it will be picked up and taken to the new address. From there, you can unload it at your leisure.

Specialty Kinds of Moving Services

Some items demand much more care and effort when carrying than others. For instance, pianos, pool tables, and some forms of artwork are very hard to carry. For this very reason, moving companies offer the service of specialty movers.

Do you own things that require special care when transporting? Then these types of movers are the ones for you. They have the know-how and tools needed to deliver these items. And they’ll do it without so much as a scratch.

Kinds of Moving Companies Summarized

Here’s a list of the kinds of moving companies we discussed above.

  • local movers
  • long-distance moving companies
  • full moving service type
  • international kinds of moving services
  • commercial moving
  • partial moving companies
  • self-service types of movers
  • specialty kinds of moving services.

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