Derek Gee of Garden State Realty

Derek Gee, of Garden State Realty, was kind enough to sit down with the Van Express Moving and Storage team and discuss what it means to be a modern agent.

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Please tell us about your path to becoming an agent:

Derek Gee: I initially got my start in the technology world and I started a small business managing technology services. So, long story short, I ended up working with the owner here, assisting them with some technology-related functions. That led to me working full-time at the agency I’m at now. It’s funny how things turn out.

How do you feel that becoming a real estate agent was your true calling?

Derek Gee: Some life-related happenings occurred, then I sold the company I founded, and I worked on some consulting jobs as well at the time. Eventually, all signs pointed to working with Rob here. And as they say, that’s that; the rest is history.

What allows you to stand apart from other agents?

Derek Gee: I’d say my attention to detail, being thorough… I tend to worry about the things I wouldn’t want my clients to worry about; I’m their buffer. Plus, I take pride in treating everything like it’s my own.

Do you feel realtors work better alone or in larger agency setting?

Derek Gee: From my agency, you get more personal service. We may work as a team, but you get that special care from everybody working with you. We’re specialized and put all our effort into investing in our clients and assuring they find something that works.

Being a realtor in New Jersey, how do you feel the profession is different here than in other states?

Derek Gee: The location is tops, for starters. A lot of what we deal with is warehouse distribution, so the location here in New Jersey, you can get to a very high percentage of the country within twenty-four hours. Our state has a unique value to a lot of those types of businesses.

Offer advice to a new realtor looking to break into the business and seek out referrals:

Derek Gee: Go out and canvas! Definitely talk to people about what you do. Make sure you’re well- known locally. And go out and be a sponge.

For more information on Garden State Realty, click here, or contact Mr. Gee directly at 201-693-4504.

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