Decluttering tips for seniors

Decluttering is a process of cleaning, then donating, selling or giving away some of your items. It is basically getting rid of all the unnecessary things that we accumulate in our home for months and years. Every person should declutter annually in order to keep their home look fresh and tidy. Getting rid of the clutter also helps us clean our home faster and easier! Somehow, you will feel good and comfortable if you get rid of all the things you are not using anymore. However, the time for the move is the best time to declutter, people say! If you haven’t hired a professional mover to assist you with your local move, now is a good time! But, today we will talk about decluttering tips for seniors! So, let’s get started!

Decluttering tips for seniors – how and where to begin!

A high percentage of the population tends to procrastinate the process of decluttering. And that is a big mistake! Piling up stuff at our home is something that we do daily! For example, “I got my shipment delivered, maybe I should keep this box just in case?!” or “oh this is a lovely shirt, maybe I’ll wear it one day!” or “this book wasn’t that bad, maybe I’ll read it one day again”, etc. If you didn’t wear a shirt for a year, get rid of it, if you didn’t use some item even more than that, give it away! It’s simple! However, people have a hard time to let go, especially our seniors!

Daughter kissing a mother
Help your grandmother declutter her house! Make her happy and proud of you!

Today we will give you some useful decluttering tips for seniors but also, we will let you know how to get rid of the extreme clutter while moving! The most important thing is to help and give a hand to our seniors no matter what they do!

  • Sort Out Things That You Want To Throw Away Or Donate
  • Get Rid of The Items That Could Cause You Trip And Fall
  • Hire A Professional
  • Organizing Room By Room

Sort out things that you want to throw away or donate

When you decide to start decluttering, you should sort your possessions in the three groups, stuff to donate, throw away and keep! You can ask your lovely kids or grandkids to come and help you. The process of decluttering can be fun if your family comes over to help. When you throw away old and broken unnecessary items and donate/give away those items that you don’t use anymore, you can start organizing the belongings that you wanted to keep from the beginning.

Get rid of the items that could cause you trip and fall

Falling is a serious problem and health hazard for our beloved seniors. Centers for disease control and prevention said that in America, every 20 minutes some older adult dies from the fall! Therefore, an important part of the decluttering process is to recognize and remove all the tripping items that can cause injuries and threaten our senior’s safety. This process includes cleaning items from the floor, removing throw rugs and old, unnecessary furniture. Don’t forget to tape down all electrical cords in the house! Safety first! Take care of yourself!

Hire a professional

Who needs decluttering tips for seniors if they have professionals on their side?! If you have no will and strength to deal with the decluttering process, hire a professional Van Express Movers and let them do the job instead of you. If you have nobody to assist you with your relocation, your professional mover is there! A professional moving company tends to make its customers happy and satisfied! A team of professionals will arrive at your destination, pack everything carefully, load your belongings in a moving truck and transport everything safely!

One of the best decluttering tips for seniors - hire a moving company!
A professional moving company offers a lot of moving services. They will also assist our seniors with relocation!

If you possess some items that you are emotionally attached to and you don’t want to get rid of them, you can also ask your movers for their storage services! A professional mover has plenty of moving services. Some of those services are:

  • Local Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Senior Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Packing Services
  • Storage Services

Decluttering tips for seniors – organize room by room

After all, you will have to organize the places that you are using the most. Those places are:

  1. The living room. This is the place where clutter accumulates the fastest! But, its also a place where people spend most of the time, entertaining their friends, watch TV, read their favorite book and enjoy their pastime activities. To keep your living room clean and tidy, you should remove food wrappers and dirty dishes from the room immediately after the usage.
  2. Kitchen! The essential thing for your health and safety is to keep your kitchen clean! In order to keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free, you should remove bread crumbs and spills the same second when you notice it. You should also go through your freezer from time to time and throw away food that is not fresh anymore. Get rid of unnecessary items from your drawers and duplicate appliances. Review the content of your cupboards and throw away spices and expired foods if you find any.
  3. Bathroom. Expired medications are dangerous for your health! Therefore, you should first declutter your medicine cabinet in the bathroom! Throw away shampoo bottles that have only a few drops left inside. Same goes for the soaps. Change the towels every week. Clean your bathroom thoroughly every week and freshen it up every day if you have time.
Living room
The place where you spend most of your time! Keep your living room fresh, simple and tidy!

These were decluttering tips for seniors! If you have no will and strength to declutter everything and go through the moving process on your own, you should certainly hire a professional mover to take care of your relocation. However, you can always ask your family and friends for help because you deserve it! Have a great life!

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