Common moving day mishaps and how to avoid them

If you must choose one word to describe moving day, it would probably be chaotic or stressful. You decide which one you prefer. Either way, it’s not something to look for judging from this description. However, moving day doesn’t have to be like this. There are ways to make your moving day less stressful and easier. The best way to do that is to hire movers Livingston NJ. Additionally, here are some most common moving day mishaps and ways to avoid them. 

What are the most common moving day mishaps? 

If you thought that moving preparation is confusing, just wait for moving day to arrive. There is always something you didn’t manage to finish or some unexpected happens. For this reason, you should hire Van Express NJ, so that you have professional help on a moving day also. There are many mistakes that could happen during moving day, but the most common ones are the following: 

  • Falling into a moving scam 
  • Forgetting to pack the essential box 
  • Damaging furniture 
  • Not setting up utilities in your new home 
  • Getting injured 

Moving scams are more common than you think 

When you are hiring a moving company, you probably aren’t thinking about moving scams. You are going with an idea that professional movers will help you with your relocation and not make it harder. However, the most popular moving scams to avoid are extra fees, overcharging, etc. You should be extra careful when searching for a moving company. Find one that has good moving reviews, a proper license, and offers a good moving estimate. A reliable moving company always does moving estimates on-site and never on the phone.  

scams are common moving day mishaps
Be careful when hiring a moving company

Forgetting to pack the essential box 

An essential box doesn’t have to be a box, it can also be a bag or suitcase. What is inside the essential box is more important. In this bag or box, you should pack items that you will use in your first days in your new home. As you can’t possibly unpack all your items in just one or two days but you still need some items to function normally, this is where the essential box comes into play. For this reason, while moving companies in Essex County NJ are packing your belongings, you should pack your essential box.  

You can get injured very easily if you are not careful  

Moving injuries are common during moving days. They most often happen when you are lifting heavy furniture without proper lifting technique. Almost everyone has back pain by the time moving day arrives and moving day activities only make it worse. For this reason, you need to learn how to lift heavy objects properly and wear appropriate clothes on your moving day.  

young man feeling back pain
injuries are one of the common moving day mishaps

Forgetting to set up utilities in your new home 

With all that’s going on in your current home, it doesn’t come as a surprise to forget to connect utilities in your new home. However, coming to a cold new home without electricity and running water is not a pleasant surprise. There are even more common moving day mishaps. You can avoid them with good preparation and planning. 


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