Caldwell vs Wayne – living cost comparison

You have decided on moving to one of the best NJ neighborhoods. But at the moment you are stuck between Wayne and Caldwell. Both are thriving, diverse, and family-friendly neighborhoods. But what you really want to know is which one is safer and more affordable. So, today we will help you prepare for the upcoming relocation and find one of the best moving companies NJ can offer. And of course, we will do a full Caldwell vs Wayne comparison. Let’s find out which one is better.

Let the Caldwell vs Wayne battle begin!

The Caldwell vs Wayne comparison will be a tough one. Simply because both neighborhoods are more expensive than the national average. Wayne is a bit cheaper than Caldwell, but both are almost 20% more expensive than the national average. And this includes groceries, utilities, rent, and other costs of living. But because you are considering one of the two, we must find a winner. Or at least provide enough info for you to decide.

compare Caldwell vs Wayne before you choose where to relocate
Yes, it might be boring at first but you must compare the costs before you make the final decision.

One thing is certain, both places have affordable moving services NJ. No matter what you decide, you’ll be able to find an affordable moving company to get you where you want to be. Just check online for local moving companies and you’ll find quite a few good ones. Remember to confirm if they are licensed and if they offer the moving service you need.

Let’s cover Caldwell first

Let us begin with the housing market. The borough of Caldwell is almost two times more expensive than the national average. If you want to purchase a home here, you must have at least $550k while the regular price in NJ is around $390k. The difference is huge so you better start looking at the renting options. Unless you have a rich grandpa, who left a property here. But in the real world, owning a place in Caldwell is a long-term plan and a big investment. As for the cost of living, utilities are only 5% more expensive than in the rest of the US. Luckily, groceries are the same as in the rest of NJ. One good thing is that everything related to health is 10% cheaper. Lastly, transportation is also 10% more expensive.

All in all, if we remove the housing market from the picture, you will end up with 10% higher costs than the rest of the US. It is not much for such a great neighborhood. If you like it so far, call your Caldwell movers and make all the necessary arrangements.

Now a quick glance at Wayne

The Township of Wayne is a slightly different story. Prices are almost the same when it comes to the health industry, groceries, and bills. Although, 3% higher costs than the national average are far better than 10%. But where you can see a big difference is the lower housing costs. You can find a home here already at $480k. Having a $70.000 difference is a big deal. Although, this may vary significantly depending on the size and location. But still, Wayne offers much better housing opportunities than Caldwell. The rest of the random miscellaneous expenses are almost the same. So, if you like Wayne better than Caldwell, call professional Wayne movers and let them assist you. Wayne awaits!

a person holding money
Wayne is a far better option when it comes to the housing market.

Who won the Caldwell vs Wayne encounter?

Ok, when we compare Caldwell vs Wayne, we will realize that Wayne is a bit cheaper. Although not so much because 1-2% on certain items is irrelevant when we look at the bigger picture. The important costs like housing and utilities are almost the same. So, in the end, it is up to you to figure out if you want to go to the one or the other. If you own a property already, the borough of Caldwell is a better option. But if you must rent, Wayne is the answer.

As long as you keep your budget in check before you make the decision, you’ll be just fine. Compare Caldwell vs Wayne a bit more by researching online. Read blog posts, and reviews, and even consult with a legal body. Having a good realtor while searching for a new home is a great advantage. Hopefully, we made your decision easier. But keep in mind, no matter what you choose, you’ll be satisfied. Both places are amazing and prosperous. Good luck.


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