How to Move During Snowy Weather

Snow…some love it while others hate it. But, what happens when you have to move in it? The good news is that here in New Jersey, our towns are equipped to handle a lot of snow in terms of clearing the roads and keeping the power on. The problem is that moving during snow poses its own obstacles. We have a few safety rules tat you can utilize when moving that are not only meant to help the process, but also help those professional movers that you hire!

Clear the Walkways

Whether we are dealing with a couple of inches or a foot or more of snow, it is important that the walkways be clear! This is for the safety of everyone that is helping to pack trucks and who are walking in and out of the home. Take some extra time to shovel the driveway and walkways up to the home to make a clear path.

Be Ready with Towels

One of the biggest issues that people complain with when moving in snowy weather is the mess that this makes inside of the home. Despite the best of intentions, snow is often tracked into the home, turning into a watery mess! A tip from us, place down some old towels and sheets to catch the snow that is coming inside…it will make clean up easier.

Be Ready for Delays

Do not lose your cool when delays happen. If the weather is particularly bad, you may have your move rescheduled. This is why we often recommend moving a few weeks in advance of when you have a definite date for being out of your home…especially during the winter time. There may also be times that the moving truck is slower due to the weather that they are driving in. Be patient…your move will happen.

Remember the Temperature

With snowy weather comes dropping temperatures, remember this when having items moved. Do not move anything that is going to become more fragile due to the weather. There have been instances where fragile glassware becomes cold and is more prone to breaking.

If you are ready for a move, be sure that you contact us, Van Express, for all your moving needs! We are here to help you move, despite the weather!