Making a Move Easier on Kids

When you are moving with kids, this brings about a whole new set of issues. Kids of any age may not want to move. And as the adult, you realize that this move is in the best interest of the entire family. So, how can you make this move easier on kids?

Younger Kids Need to Feel A Part of the Move

One of the best ways to get younger kids on board with a move is to let them feel as though they are part of this. For example, let them help with the packing or choose their new paint colors of their new room. The more involved that they feel, the better they will adjust to the move. A few other tips:

  • Be sure that the neighborhood that you are moving into is kid friendly
  • Find some activities that in your new neighborhood that will make your young kids feel more included
  • Talk about the move and answer their questions. Let them know it is okay to feel sad about moving, but that this is ultimately the best decision for the family.

Older Kids: Pre-Teens and Teens

When moving, pre-teens and teens are often the ages that are going to be putting up the biggest fuss when moving. They are older, they have established relationships in the area, and they simply do not want to move. Don’t be surprised if you are told that you are ruining their lives. This is a common complaint from parents who move with pre-teens and teens. A few tips to help you get through this:

  • Assure them that with the advances in technology, they can stay in touch with their friends
  • If the son/daughter is into sports, be sure to find a team upon moving into your new neighborhood
  • Ensure that you are highlighting the important aspects of the move. Be honest with these kids about why you are moving. For example, if you have a pay raise but it means a move, explain this to them as they are old enough to understand.

While we may not be able to help with reaching your kids and making this easier on them, we can help with the move itself. We understand that moving can be extremely hard on kids, but there is no reason to cause more stress on you. Call us at Van Express Moving to let us takeaway some the stress and make your move one that flows smoothly!