Best things to do in Montville NJ

Smaller American towns can be lots of fun to witness and experience. While it’s true you won’t get the comfort a bigger city provides, there’s certain calm in living somewhere that’s not an urban hell. And Montville is just that! A magical little town in New Jersey, that could have also come from a fairy tale. With only around 21,000, there’s definitely going to be traffic jams or long queues for shopping. Appreciating such small things is what constitutes the best things to do in Montville NJ. And it’s not like there’s nothing to do. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities to do within the town. From local events to appreciating the town’s long history stretching back to around 8,000 BCE. Companies such as Van Express Movers NJ get lots of questions regarding the town, and it’s no wonder – it’s like a true hidden gem, waiting to be found.

Historical things to see in Montville NJ

The area has had inhabitants even 10,000 years ago. It’s generally considered to have been a part of Lenepehoking, inhabited by the Lenape tribe of the Munsee dialect. They’ve left quite a mark on the territory, because of which today you can experience this area’s unique history. Lenape Day, a celebration of the heritage and culture of the Ramapough Lenape people, is held at the Great Swamp on October 12 by the Morris County Parks Commission. If you’re around the town during that time, make sure to definitely visit. You’ll have a chance to listen about the many great things this town has been through.

A green forest, something which can be found quite easily around the town making it one of the best things to do in Montville NJ.
You’re going to appreciate lots of beautiful local history stretching back for thousands of years.

The town also played an interesting role in the early days of Dutch settlement. Some even say the town’s name comes from the Dutch word ‘Mondeveil’. During the Revolutionary War, President Washington’s troops frequently passed through. They even had the French forces visiting. As you can see, from the Dutch all the way to the French – this town saw lots of things happen in its days. From a Native American settlement to witnessing the wars and battles of settler Europeans – its rich history stretches millenniums into the past.  To experience some of this unique history, be sure to visit the Henry Doremus Dutch Stone House, dating back to 1760.

Objects to visit and best things to do in Montville NJ

Owing to the rich history of many cultures, Montville has some pretty good-looking religious buildings. For example, think of the Montville Reformed Church or the St Pius X Roman Catholic Church. Both are definitely great things you should visit in case you’re ever in Montville. You really can’t get a sense of how historically important something is unless you see it for yourself.  At least that’s what Montville movers are often saying when people ask them what’s so nice about Montville. Truth is, they’re getting lots of calls because Montville is just what it seems to be. Not so an interesting, exciting, and adventurous town. You won’t see crazy police pursuits, robberies, and crime as in other major cities. Just peace and quiet. 

A group of friends spending time together.
People still visit the Barn Theatre, just as they have in the 1920s when it was built, still being one of the best things to do in Montville NJ.

Another great historical building you may want to see is the Barn Theatre. It’s been around since 1928 during the US Roaring Twenties. Those were good old days back then, just before the start of the Great Depression next year. Putting such buildings into their historical context is truly going to make you appreciate them even more. Were the people building the theater aware of what was to come? Would they build a theater when they knew a recession was coming the world had yet to see? In any case, it still stands today and remains one of the best things to do in Montville NJ. People who visit say they are very satisfied and often praise the local food. Be sure not to miss it on your way through Montville.

Hiking and spending time and nature are some of the best things to do in Montville NJ

The entire area around the town is pretty magical. There’s untouched nature all around, the same one where for thousands of years the Native Americans used to live. People often say that the place is pure joy for hiking, although it can get packed pretty easily. You should go early to enjoy the full beauty of the surrounding nature. Not so long ago, the town ranked very well on the list of best small places to live. The following sports are quite popular in the area: hiking, sledding, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and football.

A woman seen hiking in the mountain with a baby on her back.
Lots of people recommend definitely visiting Montville NJ for hiking, because of the beautiful nature around the town.

If you’re a fan of such activities, you’re surely going to enjoy the area. What movers Morris County NJ say is that the visitors absolutely fall in love, especially with the Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area. This 1,675-acre property features rocky pathways, farmland, woodlands, rock outcroppings, and wetlands. The park’s highest point is 934 feet, providing a spectacular view of the New York City skyline. If that sounds like something you’d like to see, Montville should definitely be your next spot. You’ll find that, and much more in this little town tucked just below the mountains.

Living in the area?

After people hear all these great things about the town, some even decide to move to the area. It’s a wonderful thing to do if you like living in a smaller community. It’s going to bring you joys bigger cities simply cannot match. There’s also an active moving industry scene in the town, so be sure not to miss many of the great companies that provide packing services NJ. You’ll quickly see why the best things to do in Montville NJ make people stay for an indefinite period of time. Moreover, the proximity of New York City speaks volumes to itself. It takes less than an hour to reach Manhattan. Now, compare the costs of living in Montville and NYC. What’s a better deal? Lots of people are doing exactly that – buying property next to bigger cities, just because they’re becoming intolerably expensive to live in.


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