Best places to live in Union County, NJ

You decided to move and you chose Union County as your top destination. Hopefully, you already created a moving plan, packed, and found the best moving companies NJ to assist you. If not, we will help you with both moving and your research on the best places to live in Union County. Let us prepare you for this journey adequately.

Are you ready to relocate?

Before you finally decide which place is the best for you and your family, create a moving plan. You probably already covered this one but let’s go through the list of requirements quickly once more:

  • Inspect your home
  • Create a moving checklist
  • Obtain packing materials
  • Realize your moving budget
  • Call your movers

These are the basic steps you should cover once you know the location you are moving to. Call your Union County movers at least two weeks in advance to book the best service, enough skilled workers, and a proper moving vehicle. Good luck.

Find the best places to live in Union County in choose the right movers to relocate you there
Once you find a nice place in Union County, search for reliable movers to help you out.

Summit is one of the places to live in Union County

We begin on the Summit which is one of the highly-rated places to live in the New Jersey area. A dense suburban neighborhood with a 20k population and homeowners/renter ratio around 70%-30%. Renting price of $1900 is fairly high but considering what you get, it is more than fair. Summit is mostly populated by young families with children which attracts many investors making this place grow by the day. Infrastructure, public schools, parks, and shopping are impeccable. Take a closer look at this place and you’ll realize that this is one of the best candidates on this list. Or any list out there.

If you feel like this place might be for you, contact your movers Summit NJ and let the local professionals help you out.

There is no list of places to live in Union County without New Providence included

New Providence is somewhere in the middle with the owner-renter ratio being 75%-25%. You will find affordable housing and rents around $1700 which gives you the opportunity to stay for a short period or to place a long-term investment. This sparse suburban neighborhood provides schooling, jobs, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery shops, etc. More importantly, it is a place with a high cultural note and an abundance of museums. Don’t miss out on the Salt Box Museum while you are in the neighborhood. All in all, this place offers everything one family might need. Definitely a place worth checking out.

Aerial view of New Jersey
New Jersey holds many burrows and areas you might not know about. Go exploring!


As we progress down the list of places to live in Union County we lower the rent even more. Westfield is renting-friendly oriented with rents around $1600. This kind of monthly fee is more than affordable to anyone. Hence, you should give it a thought because this scattered suburban environment has a lot to offer. With an amazing public school system and equally good career opportunities, anyone can find a place here. You can move in alone or raise a family. It will work both ways. You can confirm this by the number of population which reached 30k and it is growing each year. Surely the most densely populated one on this list.


Fanwood is amazing but a bit more expensive for renting than our previous candidates. Rent goes high up to $2700 but if your budget can afford it, it is worth every penny. Yet again the sparse suburban area with beautiful and affordable housing. Around 90% of the population are homeowners which means your neighbors are here to stay. You can meet many friends and keep healthy relationships for years to come. This kind of environment is perfect for raising a family. With highly-rated schools in the district and many parks, restaurants, and shops, you will have everything you need. An amazing place to live in. Contact your local movers NJ as soon as possible and make this happen.

These were the places to live in Union County and now it is up to you to make the final choice. No doubt that you’ll find many more. Hopefully, we helped enough to cut your search down and give you the opportunity to relocate immediately. Whatever you choose, we wish you the best possible outcome.

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