Best places for musicians in Morris County

Moving to Morris County as a musician is a big step. After choosing this area, you’ve likely started wondering which are the best places for musicians in Morris County. After all, your goal is to develop your career. And so, you need to live in a place that will support that development properly. Looking for NJ movers and choosing where you’ll be directing them is a big task and there are a lot of factors that you have to consider. We hope that this article will help you at least narrow down this choice.

1. Morristown

When researching Morris County the first place that probably came up was Morristown. And for good reason. Morristown offers a vibrant nightlife meaning there are many opportunities for musicians to develop their careers. It’s also a small place with a comfortable hometown feel. Getting gigs here can be as easy as walking up to the bar manager and asking. This is great for musicians who are just starting out and aren’t ready for a professional manager yet. Aside from that, there are plenty of job opportunities outside of music. This means that you have something to do while you develop your career. Getting a hold of moving companies Morristown NJ and assuring your place in this developing area is definitely a smart move.

People having fun at a bar listening to musicians in Morris County
The main reason why Morristown is one of the best places for musicians in Morris County is the vibrant nightlife that it offers, creating plenty of gig opportunities.

Main drawbacks

The biggest drawback of living in Morristown as a musician is that it’s pretty expensive. The cost of living is relatively high and you will need a substantial amount of money to get started. Aside from that, while most jobs here are high-paying, they also usually require a higher education degree. Additionally, if you are a classical musician, and aren’t looking for gigs in clubs and jazz bars, you’ll probably be better off looking into some of the following areas.

2. Mendham

Next on our list of best places for musicians in Morris County is Mendham. The first reason this is a great place is that it’s one of the cheaper options in the area when it comes to the cost of living. Keep in mind that while it is a bargain relative to the rest of the county, it’s still not cheap itself. If you’re moving with family this place is one of the best options. The school system is great and crime rates are very low.

After hiring Mendham NJ movers and moving here, you’ll quickly realize how close it is to Manhattan (only about an hour’s drive). This means that you’ll be living in a safe suburban-style neighborhood while still having all of the opportunities the musician would have while living in Manhattan. This also makes it a great area not just for modern musicians, but also for classical musicians.

Main drawbacks 

Of course, the trade-off to living in such a safe family-friendly neighborhood is that the nightlife is scarce. Most of your career will depend on the close proximity to Manhattan. Secondly, as we’ve already said even though the cost of living is lower than it is in the rest of the area. It will still require a bit of extra cash to get started with living here.

3. Chatham

Similar to Mendham, Chatham it’s a great area for musicians with families. It’s another safe neighborhood, with an amazing school system. Around 10% of the citizens here have jobs in education, with plenty of opportunities left. With little effort, you’ll be able to find a job as a music teacher. Either in the school system or privately. And while you work on that you’ll be able to develop your career in Manhattan. After getting in touch with movers Chatham NJ and moving here, you’ll be able to easily develop your career in multiple ways while saving a lot of money on the lower cost of living. 

A musician teacher playing a keyboard piano
Chatham has many job opportunities in education, meaning you can find a stable teaching job while you build your career.

Main drawbacks

The biggest problem with living in Chatham as a musician is that you’ll probably find it pretty difficult to get a job related to music outside of education. This also applies to classical musicians, not just those who are dependent on getting gigs at bars and nightclubs. Without making a commute, you’ll generally have trouble growing a career in music like you wanted to.

4. Florham Park

Living in Florham Park as a musician is great for multiple reasons. First of all, it’s one of the cheapest areas in Morris County. Considering how close it is to New York City you will probably find it surprising that it boasts a lower-than-average cost of living. The commute to Manhattan and the rest of New York City is not challenging so it’ll be pretty easy to work on your career there while living in Florham Park. Hiring the right movers Morris County NJ will help make sure that you get started on the right foot here.

While it may not offer as great of an education as Chatham, it’s still a great place to raise children and grow your family. Seeing as they are right next to each other it’s still a short commute to the best schools in Chatham. This is why it shouldn’t be much of a problem. 

A person holding money
The biggest advantage of living in Florham Park is the lower cost of living.

Main drawbacks

The biggest issue you’ll come across when living in Florham Park is that there simply aren’t a lot of people living here. This means that the majority of entertainment options are located in surrounding towns. The trade-off to saving a lot of money compared to other areas is that you’ll almost definitely have to commute to any job in music. Whether it’s classical or modern. The suburban hometown style of the town simply isn’t the best environment for developing a career in music.

To conclude our list of the best places for musicians in Morris County

As you can see, moving to Morris County is a great option for musicians. It offers a much lower cost of living than New York City while still being close enough to it. This way you can still take advantage of all the opportunities there. Almost all of the best places for musicians in Morris County are safe, family-friendly, suburban-style neighborhoods where you will be able to grow your family and your career. The hometown feel of Morris County is definitely going to be of great help when it comes to settling into the new community. We hope that this list has helped you narrow down your choice when it comes to which place you’ll be moving to in Morris County.


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