Best packing materials for fragile items

When people move, they usually hire NJ movers, but even then, they sometimes decide to pack their items themselves. Although most of them manage, some still need advice. As packing is one of the most important parts of the move, cutting corners is unacceptable. Especially when packing fragile items. So we will make it a little easier for you and tell you some of the best packing materials for fragile items.

What are the best packing materials for fragile items?

Packing fragile items can sometimes be quite frustrating. Moving is not a gentle process. Boxes can fall, trucks can hit bumps, and many more accidents can happen. As such, even our usual objects can get damaged, let alone fragile ones. So they will deserve special attention. As you can’t move every one of these items separately or by yourself, the best solution is to pack them well. And for that, you will need special materials designed with the safety of fragile items in mind. Of course, you can also always take one of the packing services NJ moving companies offer. But if you still decide to DIY it, here are some materials you will need:

  • Boxes
  • Wraps
  • Tape
  • Towels or rags
  • Tape and markers
A woman taking a look at boxes that contain fragile items
Make sure that people can see which boxes contain fragile objects.


When you go looking for the materials for fragile items, you can’t pick just any box. You should find the ones that fit the best. Let us explain. If you pick a bigger box, items inside will move freely. The chances of them falling and hitting each other are high. This can also cause boxes to fall into the back of the truck. On the other hand, if you find small boxes, there will be no room for padding inside. So the advice from the best moving companies offering moving services NJ recommends is to get boxes that are only a little bit bigger than the items we need to pack.


The best packing materials for fragile items include different types of wraps. Wraps are the wrapping material used to protect your items, such as:

All of these are important in order to cushion any unexpected falls or sharp movement, as well as to stop any damage. They should be wrapped around the items, placed around them to fill up the box, and under and on top of them as well. You can never be too careful.

A woman using one of the best packing materials for fragile items to wrap a plate
Not all of the best packing materials for fragile items are expensive.

Towels and rags

Towels and rags are suitable replacements in case you can’t afford wraps or are out of them. This is actually good advice that any good company will give you. However, you can also contact the best NJ movers and use their packing services.

Tape and markers

This is something any move should have, as these items help with everything, not just fragile items. But these are also the best packing materials for fragile items since they will help secure the boxes. Tape them well, and make sure people know that things inside are sensitive. To do that, you can simply write “FRAGILE” on the boxes.

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