Best New Jersey counties to raise a family

Are you thinking about relocating to New Jersey with your family? If so, this is a great decision! New Jersey is, without doubt, one of the best places for young families. There’s just one more thing you’ll have to take care of before your move – find the perfect place for your home! If this is something that makes you feel anxious, fear not! In order to help you, we have prepared a guide on the best New Jersey counties to raise a family. Read it carefully and you’ll find your new neighborhood with ease!

Which requirements one county must meet to be considered as one of the best New Jersey counties to raise a family?

First things first, let’s learn what’s necessary for one county to be considered as family-friendly. After all, you’ll want to know what to search for in order to find the perfect place where you’ll move with your family. Moving with a family is different than moving as a single. You’ll want to find a place where all of your family members will feel safe and secure. It’s like hiring reliable movers NJ to make sure your relocation is in safe hands!

A child playing and his parents
Your child’s safety should be your top priority when choosing the new neighborhood

The five qualities that best New Jersey counties for raising a family have

Let’s find out what do family-friendly counties have and look like. Here are the five signs that one county will be perfect for raising a family.

  1. Low crime congestion and a safe environment. Whether you’re relocating alone or with your family, finding a safe environment is a must! This is especially important with little ones in tow. Even though communities with low crime rates have higher property values, it’s always better to spend more money in order to keep your family safe.
  2. Good schools nearby. Whether you have kids or you’re planning to have them, you will want to have good schools nearby. Your kids deserve the best! going through the list of the best public high schools in New Jersey might be of help to you.
  3. Proximity to kids amenities. Outdoor amenities and activities should be available in the community for kids to spend their free time. If a county has a public pool, parks, camps, playground, or a community center, then you’re probably in a family-friendly county.
  4. Proximity to daily necessities. Sometimes you’ll need quick access to the grocery store, doctor, veterinarian. The proximity to daily necessities is what every family-friendly neighborhood and county has. After all, if your kid gets sick, you’ll want to have a doctor’s office nearby.
  5. Friendly people. Being surrounded by friendly people is great for families with children. Even better if you find a home next to another family.

The list of the best New Jersey counties for families

So, you’ve found out which are the most important qualities that one county must have in order to be family-friendly. Since you’re thinking about relocating to the area of New Jersey, we’ve prepared a list of the best New Jersey counties for raising a family. Make sure to check out all of them before making a decision on where to relocate to. And who knows, maybe one of these counties will be the one who’ll suit you and your family the most!

Morris County

Morris County is a New Jersey county located just 50 miles away from the Big Apple. It is exactly what you’re looking for if you want to move with your family to New Jersey. This county is constantly being voted as one of the best places for young families! In case you decide to move here with the help of Morris County movers, we’re sure you’ll be glad you did it. Morris County offers a lot of different opportunities to its residents, so you should embrace all of them!

A mother and a child sitting on the grass
There’s no doubt that your whole family will be happy if you decide to move to Morris County

Union County

Since this is the list of the best New Jersey counties for families, we just have to mention the one and only Union County. With the help of reliable Union County movers, you’ll be able to relocate here in record time! You will love the fact that Union County has lots of different outdoor activities that will suit your whole family perfectly! Apart from this, living costs aren’t high and neighborhoods are safe.

Essex County

Essex County is one of the biggest New Jersey counties. Therefore, if you want to live in a more vivid place, hire Essex County movers and relocate to this county as soon as possible! This county was named after the county in the East of England. The eastern part of this county is the urbanized one while the western is the suburban one. The western part is also where you can find rich houses and quiet family-friendly neighborhoods. This is why Essex County is on our list of the best New Jersey counties to raise a family!

Passaic County

This county was created in 1837 from sections of Essex and Bergen counties. It has a rich storyline in the history of the USA, so if you’re a history lover, this is where you’ll want to relocate with your family. Once you relocate here with the help of Passaic County movers, you’ll be able to enjoy everything this county has to offer. This county consists of sixteen municipalities and all of them have famous places with delicious food. Passaic County is a paradise for people who love outdoors. Just twenty miles northwest of Midtown Manhattan, you can find Pompton Lakes NJ.

Best New Jersey Counties to Raise a Family - Lake in the middle of forest
Whether you want to kayak, hike, or have a long walk with your family, Pompton Lake is your destination!

These are our top four counties that deserve to be on the list of the best New Jersey Counties to raise a family. As you can see, all four of them have so much to offer! Therefore, we’re sure that you’ll be happy with your new neighborhood whichever of these four counties you choose! We wish you a happy relocation!

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