Best New Jersey cities for millennials

The results of many research show that millennials prefer living in large and urban cities rather than in quiet and small towns. They seek adventures, a fast-paced lifestyle and a chance to meet new people of similar age wherever they go. This is exactly why big cities have an advantage over small towns when it comes to millennials. A recent survey showed that millennials rank New Jersey among the best places in the USA. They love that unique lifestyle that only the best New Jersey cities for millennials can offer.

Do you want to find out which NJ cities millennials love the most? If so, make sure to keep reading! And, if you find some of these cities the right choice for you, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you relocate there hassle-free!

Man standing on rooftop in one of the best New Jersey cities for millennials
Millennials like adventures, challenges and to push their limits.

What do millennials want in a city?

The Millennial generation is truly something else! They are confident, adventurous, upbeat and receptive to new ways of living and new ideas. But, what do they want in a city? What do the best New Jersey cities for millennials have?

  • A thriving job market
  • Affordable housing
  • Walkability
  • High-quality transportation
  • Nearby amenities
  • LGBTQ-friendly attitude

These are only some of the qualities of cities that are popular among millennials. Other traits include great nightlife, proximity to shipping malls, and so on. It’s very interesting that, to most millennials, the most important city’s quality is a strong job market. Therefore, they’ll hire Morris County movers to relocate there only if they can build a strong career in some of the cities in that area.

The list of the best New Jersey cities for millennials

Now that we’ve learned what do millennials want in a city, it’s time to find out which New Jersey cities do millennials think are the best choice for them. Here are the top 5 NJ cities for the millennial generation!

  1. Elizabeth – The largest city in Union County where you can with the help of one of the best Union County movers. If you are in search of adventures and different job opportunities, this is where you’ll want to go.
  2. Somerville – Do you love to experiment with new cuisine? If so, you’ll love what Somerville has to offer. Here, you can try the menus from almost every corner of the world.
  3. Highland Park – Are you in search of safe neighborhoods with affordable housing options? Then, there is no better option in NJ than Highland Park.
  4. Woodbridge – If you’re one of Millennials who are in search of cities with high-quality transportation services, you should definitely visit this NJ city. Also, some of the best attractions in NJ can be found right in Woodbridge!
  5. Edison – Last but not least is the city known for its diverse ethnic population. Friendly people, outdoors activities, low crime rates make this place stand out among the others.
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You will enjoy NJ

So, have you found a city that meets all your requirements? If the answer is yes, we’ll gladly help you relocate all of your precious possessions to the new home. Van Express Movers will be awaiting your call!

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