Best neighborhoods in NJ for low-income apartments

Have you been thinking about moving to New Jersey? Why not, after all, it has been one of the most popular moving destinations for Americans lately. However, there are many factors to take into consideration before you actually decide to take that big step and change your place of residence. Unfortunately, for many people, money plays an important role when it comes to choosing a place to move to. And not just when we talk about the actual housing. If your incomes are below average, then you’ll most likely need to live in a city or a neighborhood you can afford. And we’re here to help you choose one of the best neighborhoods in NJ for low-income apartments.

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We’re here to help you choose one of the best neighborhoods in NJ for low-income apartments.

Why choose NJ for your affordable housing search

We are all aware of the difficulties of moving. Also, most people know what a money pit relocation can be, whether you plan to move locally or to another state. But New Jersey is a state where you can actually find affordable housing even if you have a low-income situation at your hands. So if it’s best neighborhoods in NJ for low-income apartments you are looking for – don’t worry. There are many decent neighborhoods to choose from.

Our list doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll find the cheapest neighborhoods in the state of New Jersey. In these NJ cities, you’ll find low-income housing, but we’ve taken into consideration other factors that add to the affordability of these places:

  • Quality of housing
  • Transportation
  • Dining options
  • Utilities

So what are the places to focus on in NJ when searching for low-income options? You’ll find our list below:


If your work happens to be located in Manhattan, then living in Rahway would be the perfect choice for you. This small town is just 15 miles away from the central NYC borough. This isn’t a particularly large community, but as you might have imagined, you’ll be able to live here quite comfortably even though your incomes are lower than what you would want them to be. Also, you’ll be able to live just several miles away from Manhattan hustle and bustle, while still enjoying the small-town way of life. And it’s affordability, of course.


You must have heard about the city of Trenton, as it is the capital of the state of New Jersey. As the state’s capital, this place is certainly one of the best neighborhoods in NJ for low-income apartments. Although you might be cornered when it comes to your budget, there are many ways you can enjoy living in Trenton without breaking the bank. If this place sounds like the one you could see yourself living in, just make sure you contact reliable NJ moving companies in time – and you’ll good to go!

NYC street
If living close to NYC is important, there are low-income NJ apartments to find just an hour away from Manhattan.

New Brunswick

If your quest for a perfect place to relocate to includes towns with a college vibe, then New Brunswick is where you could be moving to. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy all the perks of a history-filled town, as well as the affordability it offers to its residents. New Brunswick is definitely a feasible choice to make. Especially if you are looking for the best neighborhoods in NJ for low-income apartments.


You might think that Clifton is a neighborhood for those who lead a more affluent lifestyle. However, this place which is only 15 miles away from Jersey City and just 30 miles away from Manhattan is a great option if you are looking for low-income housing. You’ll be living in a tight-knit, pleasant community, but still close enough to the big cities. And, most importantly, all of it will be quite affordable, even if your incomes are on the lower side. After all, who could resist living surrounded by 38 city parks?


If you enjoy a small-town lifestyle, then this might be your favorite among our best neighborhoods in NJ for low-income apartments. Pleasantville has only about 20,000 residents. And although it might be small, living in this town enables you to have a decent lifestyle even if your income is lower than the average. Another perk of living in Pleasantville? It is only 5 miles away from Atlantic City. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy everything this amazing city has to offer without actually having to hire packing services NJ a coming to live there.

Moving to a low-income apartment? Choose movers you can trust

If your current financial situation forces you to look for low-income housing option, this means that you need movers you can rely on to help you relocate there. Why do we emphasize this? It is virtually impossible to relocate safely without hiring moving services. But you need to be extra careful. Choose only reputable and professional-looking companies, as hiring fraudulent movers can end up costing you more than you’ll be able to pay.

Ask around, perhaps someone from your family or your circle of friends has a moving company to recommend. As we’ve already mentioned, the process of moving itself can cost quite a few bucks, so you need to do your best not to waste any money.

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Set aside some time to plan out your relocation process

After choosing just one of the best neighborhoods in NJ for low-income apartments

Once you make your final choice, hopefully, you’ll be able to set aside some time to plan out your relocation process. After all, it takes a considerable amount of effort and organizational skills to move properly. Make sure your movers can be trusted. Also, try not to waste your hard-earned money right after you move. Take your time to get to know the neighborhood. Find out what your neighbors are like. Most importantly, try to enjoy one of the best neighborhoods in NJ for low-income apartments – just because something isn’t expensive, doesn’t mean it can’t be nice!

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