Bergen County’s booming towns

Bergen County is one of the 21 counties in NJ. It is located in the far northeast of the state, close to Hudson, Essex, and Passaic. Bergen is home to almost 953,000 residents, and it has been voted the second-best county in New Jersey. In the last ten years, this area’s population grew by 7.27%. This means that the Bergen County movers of NJ have been busy helping thousands of people make this their new home. This county is made of 70 municipalities, but today we will focus on some of the most popular places like Hillsdale, Oakland, and Mawah – Bergen County’s booming towns.

What makes Bergen County’s booming towns popular?

Even though this county is divided into 70 municipalities, no city stands out by size or the number of people calling it home. All the places are of similar size, and most of them are towns. But no matter if the town is in the same country or even in the same state – no two are the same. Each place comes with a unique set of pros and cons, but Bergen County’s booming towns outweigh the bad sides with their good ones. Today we will talk about three places, that our professionals at Van Express Moving can take you to.

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Bergen County’s booming towns are popular for a reason

Hillsdale is a charming suburban oasis

Hillsdale is one of the numerous suburbs of NYC, located to the northwest of the city downtown. This is the least populated place on our list, with only a little over 10,000 residents. But thanks to our Hillsdale NJ movers, this number is growing. Hillsdale is a good refreshment compared to the neighboring metropolitan area – it is sparse, with a population density of only 3,495 people per square mile. Compare that to NYC, which has 26,403 people per square mile. Not only is it more spacious, but it also offers somewhat affordable housing prices. We all know that New York is expensive, but this area’s median home value is $582,000. It is so affordable in comparison to NYC that an amazing 90% of the population decided on buying a home there.

What makes this suburb stand out?

Another good side of Hillsdale is its laidback vibe and convenience. If you crave fun and action, NY is only 1 hour away. If you want peace, the suburb is full of parks and family-friendly attractions like the Demarest Farm. The owners founded it in 1886, and today it features a grocery store, nursery, and a seasonal farmers market. It can be difficult to find locally grown organic produce in a big city, so this is a real oasis for people who care about their diet.

Oakland offers the perfect blend of nature and convenience

Second, on our list by size is Oakland – another suburb of NYC that is home to almost 13,000 residents. If you have been part of city life for a long time, this area will bring quite a change! Our movers in Oakland NJ will make the transition seamless, but what awaits after will be a shock. This is a rural area, with only 1,500 people per square mile, that is only an hour away from one of the biggest cities in the USA. Housing costs are similar to those in Hillsdale, with the median price at $475,000.

As you would expect, many families are part of this suburb, as there are many family-friendly amenities here. Public schools are highly graded, with Bergen County Academies being one of the best. The median household income of $152,000 is the result of a stable economy in these Bergen County’s booming towns, which encourages people to settle here.

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Nature and convenience are perfectly blended in this suburb

Nature will be all around you in Oakland

As far as nature is concerned, we recommend Ramapo Mountain State Forest for the brave. It is a hiking area with trails of different intensities, that you can enjoy during the warmer months. And in case you have young children, parks are always a good choice. Great Oak Park is a local favourite, where you can meet people and slowly become part of the community. Moving with a pet can be stressful, and your best option, in this case, is visiting Oakland Dog Park.

Mahwah is one of Bergen County’s booming towns

Mahwah is a suburb-township in NYC. It is the most populous from our list, with close to 26,000 people calling it home. Housing costs might seem expensive, at $509,000, but compare it to the NYC average of $660,000. Surprisingly, it is not the most densely populated, since it is the geographically largest suburb with only 1,040 people per square mile. Even though a conservative area, many young people decide to hire our Mahwah NJ movers and make it their home. The reason why? The booming economy of the area, combined with plenty of outdoor recreational activities. Manufacturing, retail, and financial services are the biggest industries, which produce job opportunities for the young and skilled.

Mahwah is the gateway to outdoor adventure

If you want a perfect work-life balance, Mahwah should be your place of choice. With a good median household income of $111,000, you will be able to live comfortably and enjoy the beauties of this area. Mahwah is famous for its various outdoor recreational spaces like Campgaw Mountain Sky Area, Darlington County Park, and Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve. They are all a short distance away from Mahwah, perfect for a weekend getaway with friends or family.

How should you research these neighborhoods?

We have given you some brief information about Bergen County’s booming towns, but you could and should go more in-depth. A lot of effort goes into a move, so you might as well like the place you move to. All three of the places we listed are suburbs or even individual towns according to some, and they are made up of various neighborhoods. Like in every town, different neighborhoods will fit different people, but your main guideline should be the:

  • Housing costs – staying on a budget is essential nowadays, and having manageable housing expenses every month is key.
  • Housing opportunities – many neighborhoods will have similar price ranges, so choosing your preferred housing type will help you narrow your search. The outskirts of a suburb will likely offer more homes with backyards, while the town centers will have more apartment options.

Whatever prices range and housing type you pick, your moving experience will mostly depend on having a reputable mover by your side. Real professionals from the area will know it well, which will ultimately lead to a smoother move.

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Housing costs are a factor that must be considered when moving.

Final thoughts on Bergen County’s booming towns

As you can see, our list of Bergen County’s booming towns is made of places that have different features. Some are great for professionals, while others are great for families. But one thing unites them all – the fact that you will need skilled people involved in your move. No matter if you are moving from Manhattan or California, you will always be better off with professionals. We wish you good luck!


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