Adding a Garden to Your New Home

After you move to a new home and your best NJ moversVan Express – have unloaded all of your belongings, what will you do next?

Well, if it’s summertime, you might want to consider planting a wondrous garden in your back yard! Here are some hacks as to how and why to take certain actions when it comes to your humble abode’s back yard garden.

  1. Have you heard that singing to plants helps them grow? Well, it turns out that this is true. If you sing or talk to humans, don’t they grow as well? Plants are no different. Studies have been conducted, and in some, the plants that were sung and spoken to were more successful overall. That could be because we, as humans, breathe out carbon dioxide, so when we sing or exhale, it could contribute to the photosynthesis process. So, get your singing voice tuned-up or write up that speech and get out to your plants as soon as possible.
  2. You must have heard that banana peels promote healthy plants and overall growth. Well, that is also true. Nutrients in those yellow peels can definitely be beneficial to some plants, such as tomatoes and roses. A lot of gardeners around the country suggest you compost said banana peels first, then add them to your garden’s soil. However, if you’d like to add the peels directly to the soil, try chopping them up into finer pieces before throwing them in.

Do you have any gardening tips to share with fellow readers? Drop a comment below.

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