5 reasons why Bergenfield is perfect for families

Situated in Bergen County, New Jersey, Bergenfield is perfect for families. The community is committed to safety, education, and quality of life. With excellent schools, low crime rates, and abundant recreational opportunities, it caters specifically to those looking for a safe and engaging environment. Whether you’re considering relocating or simply searching for a community that values family life, Bergenfield offers a unique setting. For a smooth moving experience, exploring options with reliable NJ movers could be beneficial.

A commitment to safety in Bergenfield

Safety isn’t just a feature in Bergenfield; it’s a cornerstone of the community’s foundation. This borough has one of the lowest crime rates in the region, largely due to its proactive law enforcement and community policing strategies. In 2021, Bergenfield had a crime rate that was significantly lower than the national average, making it one of the safest communities in the state. The Bergenfield Police Department operates numerous community programs that promote safety and interaction, including youth camps and neighborhood watch groups.

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Discover why Bergenfield is perfect for families; explore its unique charm and offerings.

These initiatives not only keep crime rates low but also foster a safe, tight-knit community where children play freely at local parks and adults feel comfortable walking home at night. For families, this level of security is priceless. For your moving needs within Bergen County, Bergenfield NJ movers are ready to help.

Excelling in education

When it comes to education, Bergenfield offers stellar opportunities that are a major draw for families. The Bergenfield Public School District, serving over 3,500 students, boasts several schools that have received national recognition for excellence. Schools like Bergenfield High School, which was ranked in the top 5% of high schools nationwide by U.S. News & World Report, offer advanced placement courses and a robust range of extracurricular activities that cater to diverse interests.

Additionally, the district’s commitment to technology integration and personalized learning ensures that all students have access to the tools and resources they need to succeed. For those interested in private education, there are several highly regarded private schools in and around Bergenfield, providing more options for personalized education paths. For detailed information about moving services in NJ, you can visit the provided link.

Community and recreation

Bergenfield’s community spirit is reflected in its extensive recreational offerings and active civic engagement. The borough maintains several beautifully landscaped parks, such as Cooper’s Pond and Veterans Memorial Park, which host yearly community events including summer concerts and holiday gatherings. The Bergenfield Museum, another community landmark, offers educational programs that delve into the area’s rich history. For families, these amenities mean there’s always something to do and ways to connect with neighbors.

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Join Bergenfield’s vibrant community for endless recreational and social opportunities.

Sports enthusiasts will find leagues and teams for all ages in sports ranging from soccer to baseball, fostering both physical health and community connections. The sense of belonging and community engagement in Bergenfield is a compelling reason for many families to settle here. If you’re moving to or from the area, local movers NJ trusts can assist with every step.

Affordability and living standards

In terms of cost of living, Bergenfield presents a more affordable option compared to its metropolitan neighbors while still offering a high standard of living. Housing in Bergenfield provides diversity in options—from quaint single-family homes to more spacious properties—all at a price point that is manageable for families. The average home price in Bergenfield is about 20% lower than the Bergen County average, making it an economically wise choice for many.

Additionally, the general cost of living including groceries, healthcare, and transportation is on par with, if not slightly below, the state average. This affordability extends to local taxes, which are competitively priced, ensuring families can enjoy a higher standard of living without the financial strain typically associated with the greater New York City area. For moving in Bergen County, consider the reliable services of Bergen County movers.

Convenience and accessibility: life made easier

Bergenfield’s location offers families the suburban comfort they seek along with easy urban access. Only 20 miles from Manhattan, it is well-connected to New York City through various commuter options. These include multiple bus lines and rail stations like the nearby NJ Transit at Teaneck or River Edge. This connectivity is perfect for parents who work in the city but cherish a suburban home life.

  • Commuter Buses: Multiple lines serve the area, including NJ Transit buses 166 and 167.
  • Rail Links: Access to major stations like River Edge on the Pascack Valley line.
  • Education Accessibility: Top-rated schools are within a 10-15 minute drive.
  • Healthcare: Englewood Hospital and Holy Name Medical Center are less than 10 miles away.
  • Shopping Centers: Broad Avenue features local boutiques and national chains.
  • Grocery Shopping: Choices range from large chains like ShopRite to organic markets.
  • Dining Variety: Over 50 restaurants offer cuisines from Italian to Korean BBQ.
  • Parks and Recreation: Van Saun Park and James J. Braddock Park are nearby, offering extensive green spaces.
  • Local Markets: A farmers market runs from June through October, featuring local produce.
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Choose Bergenfield for its convenience, enhancing daily commutes and access to essential services.

Bergenfield’s strategic placement provides practical benefits that simplify daily routines. With everything from essential services to leisure activities nearby, residents experience a blend of convenience and quality living. This setup not only saves valuable time but also enriches family life with a variety of accessible resources.

Learn why Bergenfield is perfect for families today!

Choosing a place to raise a family involves considering a variety of factors, but Bergenfield makes the decision easy with its blend of safety, educational quality, community involvement, affordability, and convenience. As more people discover why Bergenfield is perfect for families, the community continues to grow and evolve while maintaining the core values that make it so attractive. Consider Bergenfield for your next family move and experience a community where every aspect of family life is enhanced.

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