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Nestled in Bergen County, New Jersey, lies the quaint and captivating borough of Teterboro. With a footprint smaller than most, this community is uniquely known for its significant aviation footprint, specifically the bustling Teterboro Airport. But there’s so much more to discover. For those considering a move to this distinct locale, the inviting charm is just the beginning. We are here to share five interesting facts about Teterboro that may make your decision to relocate even more compelling. If you are planning this move, considering moving services NJ provides can help make your transition smooth. From a rich aviation history to its close-knit community atmosphere, Teterboro offers a blend of small-town vibes with unparalleled big-city accessibility.

Teterboro’s aviation history takes flight

Teterboro is synonymous with aviation. The Teterboro Airport, operating since 1919, stands as one of the oldest in the U.S. and is managed by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Aviators such as Charles Lindbergh have graced its runways. The airport has also played key roles during historic events, including World War II. Living in Teterboro means becoming a part of a town with a national significance in aviation history, a constant reminder of America’s industrious spirit. And with movers Teterboro NJ relies on ready to assist, relocating here could be a breeze.

A surprisingly small population

Teterboro stands out for its small residential population, despite hosting a world-renowned airport. According to the latest census data, the borough’s population hovers around just 70 residents, making it one of the smallest communities in New Jersey. These numbers reflect the town’s carefully crafted zoning laws, designed to preserve its intimate, close-knit atmosphere. Here, residents often know each other by name, fostering an inviting, neighborly environment. For those moving to Teterboro, this small-town charm is a key attraction, offering a peaceful enclave in the heart of a bustling metropolitan area.

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Recent moving trends indicate a steady population growth of approximately 5% over the past decade. This is partly due to the area’s strategic location—proximity to major cities, yet far enough to escape the urban hustle. Plus, the safety and serenity of Teterboro are strong draws. People also move here for job opportunities, given its proximity to various industries and New York City. A move to Teterboro isn’t just a change of scenery; it’s a step toward a quieter, more community-focused life. For this transition, residents often turn to local movers NJ trusts, seeking a smooth, reliable relocation process.

Proximity to the big city, yet a world apart

Located just 12 miles from Midtown Manhattan, Teterboro’s prime location is a commuter’s dream. The nearby NJ Transit trains and buses, as well as major highways like Route 46 and I-80, facilitate easy commutes. Despite its proximity to the Big Apple, Teterboro itself remains peaceful and serene. It’s a tranquil oasis, offering residents the ability to enjoy the best of urban life while returning to a quiet, safe, and comforting home — a seamless transition that best movers NJ relies on can help ensure.

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Unique zoning that shapes its character

Teterboro is distinct in its land use, predominantly industrial and commercial, with sparse residential areas. This unique zoning gives the borough a singular character, providing uncrowded living spaces and a robust local economy:

  • Over 90% industrial land: This vast industrial zone includes aviation services, warehouses, and distribution centers. The well-organized layout ensures minimal disruption to residential life.
  • Minimal residential properties: The few residential areas consist mainly of single-family homes. They’re spaced generously, contributing to Teterboro’s uncrowded feel.
  • Household functionality: With limited retail within the borough, families typically shop in nearby towns, embracing a lifestyle that balances privacy and convenience.
  • Home to several Fortune 500 companies, including Quest Diagnostics: Quest Diagnostics operates a significant lab facility here. Other companies, like Cognizant and Honeywell, also have strong presences.
  • Employment opportunities: These companies regularly recruit from the greater Bergen County area, bringing diverse talent into Teterboro. They offer jobs ranging from tech roles to administrative positions.

Living in Teterboro means residing in a place where careful planning has been executed to preserve both commercial vitality and residential tranquility. The zoning strategy allows businesses to thrive while maintaining a serene, suburban environment for residents. Here, you’ll find a town where you can live near your workplace but without the feel of a crowded urban center, which appeals to many Bergen County movers helping families settle into their new, peaceful homes.

A hub for charitable events and community service

Teterboro extends far beyond planes and industries; it pulsates with a vibrant community spirit. Year-round, the borough is a staging ground for charitable events, notably the annual Teterboro Airport 5K Run. This race draws hundreds of participants and spectators, raising significant funds for local charities such as the Bergen County United Way. In addition to annual races, local schools and civic groups often organize food drives, volunteer clean-up days, and fundraising galas. The town’s community center frequently opens its doors for educational and philanthropic events, offering newcomers opportunities to bond with their neighbors quickly.

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Here, public service isn’t a mere afterthought—it’s a way of life woven into Teterboro’s cultural fabric. Newcomers find this caring, active community culture an alluring feature, creating more than just a place to live, but a place to belong. With relatively few residents, everyone can have a hand in local projects, fostering a tight-knit, interconnected community where everyone’s contribution makes a difference.

Discover more interesting facts about Teterboro for yourself

From its storied aviation history, to its strong, welcoming sense of community, Teterboro is truly a hidden gem in Bergen County. These interesting facts about Teterboro are more than just trivia. They represent the heart and soul of what makes this borough an ideal place to call home. For those contemplating a move, Teterboro provides an unmatched combination of peace, convenience, and rich history. Take the next step, explore Teterboro further, and you may just discover the perfect backdrop for your family’s next chapter.

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