5 Facts about moving and living in Bergenfield NJ

27,375 people are living in the New York City suburb of Bergenfield. Bergenfield, located in the county of Bergen, is one of the best places to live in New Jersey. You need to consider many things before you move with Bergenfield NJ movers, and start your new life in Bergenfield. Residents of Bergenfield enjoy a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority own their houses. There are several restaurants and parks in Bergenfield. There are also some other things you should know before moving and living in Bergenfield NJ, all of which will be covered in this article.

Cost of living in Bergenfield Nj

The cost of living in Bergenfield, New Jersey is 28% more than the national median, you should think about that before you hire Bergen County movers and relocate here. The typical pay in the area, your job, and the local real estate market may all affect how much it costs to live there.

Housing costs in Bergenfield are 79% more expensive than the national average, while utility costs are 8% more expensive. Gas prices and other transportation costs are 10% more than the state median. When you move here with local movers NJ you should know that grocery costs in Bergenfield are 5% more expensive than those nationwide. The cost of healthcare is 3% more expensive in Bergenfield than it is nationwide.

person doing research about cost of living before moving and living in Bergenfield Nj
Your employment, the local housing market, and the average wage in the region might all have an impact on the amount it costs to live here.

Moving and living in Bergenfield NJ is all about the community

One of the increasing numbers of districts to create a SID is Bergenfield (Special Improvement District). The mile-long Special Improvement District in Bergenfield, which runs from Teaneck to Dumont along Washington Avenue, has been fostering neighborhood businesses for some time. Its goal is to educate people about the more than 50 foreign eateries and grocery stores within one mile of Bergenfield’s commercial center.

The town of Bergenfield is made up of cozy, compact communities. Every block has a diverse population, ranging from young, newly-arrived families to elderly residents who stay because they enjoy the community. It’s also not uncommon to have many generations of the same community residing in this location. If you plan on starting a new family, think about moving and living in Bergenfield Nj. So find the NJ movers that suit you and start your family. Many Bergenfield natives purchase a home there as grownups to raise their families.

Schools in Bergenfield Nj

In Bergenfield, NJ, there is a well-regarded public school district called Bergenfield Borough School District. With a ratio of students of 15 to 1, it has 3,666 pupils in grades PK–12. State exam results show that 48% of pupils are at minimum proficient in arithmetic and 68% are at least reading proficiently. And according to U.S. News & World Report, Bergenfield High School was rated 28th in New Jersey and 707th overall for 2018, and about 70% of students there enroll in AP classes.

Population of Bergenfield

27,371 people are living in Bergenfield. Population density, or the number of people per square mile, is 9,425 people. While the median age in the US is 37.4, Bergenfield’s is 40.3. Bergenfield has 3.0 persons per family, compared to 2.6 people per household nationwide.

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In Bergenfield are living different races.

Here are some quick statistics:

  • 52.7% of Bergenfield’s population is married,
  • 8.1% are divorced, 35.3% are married and have children, and 10.1% are single parents.

Race in Bergenfield:

  • 37.5% white, 7.2% black,
  • 28.0% Asian, 0.0% Native American,
  • 0.1% Other;
  • 26.3% claim none of the above.

  Two or More Races:

  • 0.0% Hawaiian,
  • Pacific Islander Hispanic Ethnicity: 1.0%

Look up weather and climate so you would know if you should be moving and living in Bergenfield Nj

An average year brings 47 inches of rain to the borough of Bergenfield. Therefore, the average annual rainfall in the US is 38 inches. 26 inches of snowfall on average each year in Bergenfield. The average annual snow in the US is 28 inches. In Bergenfield, there are about 210 sunny days per year. The US experiences 205 sunny days annually. On average, Bergenfield has precipitation 121 days out of the year. Also, rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls on the ground is referred to as precipitation. Before it can be measured, the amount of rainfall must reach the ground for at least.01 inches.

Temperature Highlights

Snowfall: average annual snowfall is 26 inches.
Summer High: Around 85 degrees are expected in July.
Winter Low: 26 is the January low.
Rainfall: 47 inches on average every year.

Comfort index

Bergenfield is among the most pleasant communities in New Jersey with an annual BestPlaces Comfort Index of 7.3 (10=best).
Winter and Summer
In Bergenfield, January and February are the less comfortable months, while September, June, and May are the most pleasant.

Bergenfield history

Bergenfield was formerly known as Schraalenburgh, which is Dutch for barren knoll or hill. In 1894, the borough had no street lights, no gas connection, and no central water supply. The building of churches and synagogues between 1900 and 1930 contributed to Bergenfield’s explosive growth. Between 1930 and 1950, the population of Bergenfield more than quadrupled, rising from 8,816 to 17,647. Over 52 kilometers of newly renovated roads and seventeen parks and playgrounds are now available throughout the borough.

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Learn about this city’s history, and you´ll be good if you are moving and living in Bergenfield Nj

In 1941, the Borough’s Civil Defense was established together with the Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance Cops. Bergenfield, New Jersey 07621 is the address of the Tunis Richard Cooper Historic Properties. The Original Mill, constructed between 1841 and 1860, served as a chair manufacturer. The location was a gristmill before 1840. For an understanding of this historic treasure, careful preparation is required.

With 25 employees, the Cooper Chair Factory was the area’s major employer. The Coopers’ had a nine-story factory and store in New York City in addition to the location in Bergenfield. Either a flood in 1902 or a fire in 1896 damaged the chair plant.

There is something for everybody in Bergenfield

Family-friendly neighborhoods, vibrant downtowns, top-notch entertainment, five-star restaurants, and much more can be found in Bergenfield, New Jersey. Our communities are desirable because of the amenities, educational opportunities, and locals. There is something for everyone in our different neighborhoods if you consider moving and living in Bergenfield NJ.


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