4 Reasons why move to Wyckoff

Are you thinking about moving to Wyckoff? Are you wondering whether it is the right decision? If unsure, check out four Reasons why you should move to Wyckoff and see whether this place suits your life preferences. If so, get ready for the move with some of the best Bergen County movers and ensure a smooth relocation.

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There are many reasons to move to Wyckoff.

Meet Wyckoff

Located in Bergen County, New Jersey, Wyckoff offers its residents a family feel where they will find peace of mind and many life and work opportunities. Its small-town atmosphere is what makes it so appealing to move to. Following are some of the main highlights of Wyckoff:

  • Population: 16,959
  • Age distribution: the median age is 45 years
  • Median Home value: $787,600
  • Median home rent: $1,800
  • Types of homes: Single-family homes (cover most of the area, around 86%), townhomes, small apartment buildings, and apartment complexes (about 4%)
  • The median household income is around $162,000
  • Wyckoff offers a plethora of outdoor activities
  • It is close to New York City, 30 miles away, to be precise.

4 reasons why people move to Wyckoff

As you can see from the city’s highlights, Wyckoff is an excellent place to start a family or settle down after retirement. However, this is not the only thing that makes Wyckoff so appealing to move to. There are many other reasons, and Van Express Moving NJ managed to single out the most important ones, such as:

  1. The vibe: Besides having a strong community feel, Wyckoff offers excellent indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities.
  2. Top-notch education: Most public schools are ranked with the highest grade.
  3. Low crime rate: It is lower than the national average.
  4. Nice neighborhoods: Living in a good neighborhood is what most people want. And Wyckoff offers notable neighborhoods that will meet different requirements.

Wyckoff has a fantastic vibe

Being a family-friendly town, Wyckoff has an amazing vibe. Besides a great sense of community, which is one of the main reasons people relocate to Wyckoff, it offers numerous opportunities for fun. If you are interested in fishing, then you should not miss Zabriskie, as it is listed on the New Jersey and National Register of Historic Places. Another park you should visit is Russell Farms Community Park which has recreational trails. However, if you want more dynamic activities, you can visit Wyckoff Community Park, which has sports fields such as soccer and baseball fields and a nature trail. Or, you can go to Memorial Town Hall Complex, containing baseball and soccer areas, basketball, tennis, and handball courts, as well as a football pitch.

Education is the primary reason families move to the area

As previously mentioned, Wyckoff offers excellent public schools. Thus, your children will get the best education possible when moving to Wyckoff. There are five public schools: Sicomac Elementary School, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, George Washington Elementary School, and others. Besides, there are two private schools, as well as two preschools. The high school children typically attend is Ramapo Indian Hills. Furthermore, there are also early childhood and daycare institutions in the area. So, if education is the main reason behind your relocation to Wyckoff, take a look at some of the best local movers NJ has to help you with the relocation and start your family life in this family-friendly town.

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Moving to Wyckoff will bring you peace of mind.

Safety is the main reason behind moving to Wyckoff

The reason families and retirees choose Wyckoff is safety. Namely, the town has a low crime rate. In fact, it is lower than the national average and has an A+ grade. According to Niche’s reviews and polls, 67% of people say Wyckoff is safe, and 83% say the police are very responsive. The index for burglary is 91 when the national average is 500. That said, if safety is one of the key factors for moving to Wyckoff, then you should make a move. And who better to help you with the relocation than experienced Wyckoff NJ movers and packers?

Additionally, if safety matters most to you, you will probably like to ensure the safety of your relocation, too. Thus, check out our moving services NJ residents gladly choose, and make sure your belongings arrive in one piece at the final destination.

Wyckoff has plenty of real estate properties for people to choose from

Where you live defines the quality of life. It is important to choose a neighborhood wisely before making a final decision to move. And if you want to relocate to Wyckoff, you won’t have to worry about your housing options. As you already know, there are different types of homes, such as houses, apartments, and townhomes. It is said that Wyckoff is a true gem for homebuyers but also renters. Properties are usually large, size-wise, and most homes have pools or room for a pool.

What to visit in Wyckoff

There are many things to enjoy in Wyckoff, NJ,  from an excellent dining scene, an amazing natural environment, and parks, to museums and theatres. If you want to go for dinner, visit Blue Moon Mexican Cafe or The Brick House. When it comes to entertainment, visit the A. McFaul Environmental Center, which offers nature programs, exhibits, and workshops. And if you want to enjoy nature, visit Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve, where you can enjoy picnics, walking, jogging, hiking, or fishing. All in all, Wyckoff is a great place to start a peaceful life with your family.

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