3 reasons why you should create a moving inventory list

What are the two main notions people consider before hiring commercial movers in NJ to help them relocate? If you said “time and money,” you are right! Specifically, how do you save a bit of both? One of the ways is to create a moving inventory list. By doing this, you will set off a kind of a “chain reaction. The chain reaction will keep on building up and will eventually lead to a relocation that’s easier, cheaper, less time consuming, and less stressful overall.

1. Spend some time to create a moving inventory list – and reduce the costs of moving

It is amazing how many things we keep without even realizing it. How many times have you opened a drawer and were surprised at something you found there? An old picture of you and your friends having the time of your lives, a nametag from your high-school reunion, a concert ticket from the first time you went to see your favorite band. All of them – a collection of bits and baubles that remind you of good times.

Old photos and a pine tree branch - 3 reasons why you should create a moving inventory list
Create a moving inventory list. Leave no memories behind!

And let’s not talk only about displaced mementos here. What about things you would have used every day? If you haven’t forgotten you have them, that is. A perfect frying pan for pancakes that would have come in handy so many times, for instance. Or how about that screwdriver that you needed so bad just a month ago?

And this is why you should create a moving inventory list. To know exactly what you have in your household.

“How exactly can this help me reduce moving costs?”

Well, here’s where that “chain reaction” we mentioned earlier starts to develop:

  • When you create a moving inventory list, you will know exactly what you possess;
  • If you know what you possess – you will have an easy time discerning what you’ll need in your new home
  • By knowing what you’ll need – you will know what you should dispose of, either by selling, donating, or throwing away.
  • Disposing of stuff you don’t need means there are fewer items to move, AND
  • Fewer things to move means lower costs of the move!

As you know, the price of the move isn’t just calculated based on time and distance. The actual weight of your possessions is taken into consideration. Therefore, if you’re moving fewer items, the price of the move will go down!

Wait! There’s more!

Take a few extra minutes while you’re taking inventory and note down the value of your goods. By doing this, you will not only have a pretty clear picture of how much the move is going to cost. You will also know which insurance option to go for! If your items are not extremely valuable, why would you spend money on expensive third-party insurance if valuation options suit your needs?

2. Create a moving inventory list to save time AND money when packing

Do you know what you also did when you took an inventory? You effectively created a packing list, thus starting another money-and-time-saving chain reaction.

Dollar bills and a pocket watch
A simple act of creating a checklist will lead to a reaction that will help you save money and time!

Think about it! You already have a packing list. That means you already have a pretty good image of how many packing supplies you need. Therefore, you know what you need to buy. Don’t get us wrong, it’s always good to have a few extra boxes or another roll of packing tape handy. But not 20 extra boxes or rolls of packing tape.

So, let’s review the chain reaction again:

The inventory list you made earlier doubles as a packing list. Having a packing list means you will buy supplies that you need, as opposed to buying supplies you might need. And since you have everything written down, you will make fewer trips to the store. That’s money saved both on supplies and gasoline.

And, one more time:

The time you’ve spent taking inventory, you will now save on packing. And if you opted for professional packing services NJ has in its arsenal, you will save a lot more time! Now, you will know how and what to pack. And since you know which box will go where in the new house, it will also make labeling that much faster. Not to mention that neatly labeled boxes will make it safer and easier for your movers to load onto the moving truck.

3. You will have an easier time settling in

We have come to the final link. The one that ties up everything mentioned above, setting off the last chain reaction, completing the circle.

Firstly, once movers start unloading your possessions off the truck, the list you created will become a checklist! You will be able to tick off item by item, box by box, and see right away if everything is accounted for. This can come in handy if, by any chance, you have to file a claim against a moving company. As the claim has to be submitted promptly, realizing that something is missing right away will give you a few extra days (if not weeks) to do so.

Sunrise seen through a chain link
Once the chain is complete – the move is done!

Secondly, you will spare yourself the pain of having to open every box, just to see which room they should go in. You used a moving inventory list to label the boxes perfectly. As your movers are unloading them, you only need to point them to a designated room, et voila! The move is almost done!

The final chain reaction when you create a moving inventory list:

By taking that first step – putting a pen to paper, you’ve killed two birds with one stone. You now have a moving inventory list and a checklist! Having a checklist means spending less time on move-in organization and unpacking. Less time spent on unpacking – more time for yourself. Having more time for yourself means you will get to spend it on the activities you love. And doing what you love is the best way to reduce stress and recover from the chaos of moving.

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